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  2. Max Andrews
    Max Andrews
    Shortly will be releasing my '3 Point Bowling' interactive course, so keep an eye out for that!
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  3. Max Andrews
    Max Andrews
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  5. Max Andrews
    Max Andrews
    - Force vector - Back leg extension increases ground forces - Back leg - hip-shoulder separation - Braced front leg = trunk tilt
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  8. shashivardhan
  9. shashivardhan
  10. TomBowler97
    Enjoying the novelty of being 18!
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    Patta93 mitchamtiger
    Hi Mitcham Tiger, just checked back on my post and saw yours. Sorry for getting back to you late but would love to join the club. Let me know when you guys have training and ill come down. If you want to contact me my number is 0400332043. Thanks
    Regards Patrick
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    Working Hard...
  14. Executive Member
    Executive Member
    Player and Administrator. On both sides of local Victorian cricket.
  15. TomBowler97
    Looking forward to the first cricket game I have had in 2 weeks!
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    Having some fun with creating avatars, logos and wallpapers.
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