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Analysis and Preview of Cricket World Cup 2019 teams and Betting

This year’s Cricket World Cup, the 12th edition of this tournament, is scheduled between May 30 and July 14. The competition is held after every four years. Ideally, ten teams will compete with a total of 45 matches being played in England while the finals will be held at Lord’s ground.

It is confirmed that the 2019 world cup will use the round-robin format tournament where every team will face each of the nine only once. At the end of the qualification stage, the top four teams will proceed to knockouts in which the first team will play the fourth, and the second team plays the third one. Finally, the winners in the two matches will face each other in the world cup finals on 14th July. From the start of the tournament, betting companies such as bet365 with odds of 8.00 for South Africa, will offer live betting and competitive odds on their markets. If one is not able to watch television, Bet365 offers online streaming of live games. This, however, requires that one fund a sports account or places a bet in the past 24 hours. Also, England has been assigned odds of 3.75 by Unibet, making it a potential winner.

Qualifying teams to the Tournament


The team plays as the hosts and has been preparing for this tournament since the 2015 campaign disaster. Therefore, the team has the best chance to win since it last lost to Pakistan in the 1992 World Cup. In an interview with BBC sport, Morgan says they are prepared enough from the performances that the team has done at home in the past two years. The team playing on the home grounds is a plus, leave alone the captaincy of Morgan Eoin attacker as well as the best and aggressive all-rounders such as Stokes Ben. Currently, England may be predicted to go home with the trophy at odds of 17/20, having, of the last 16 series of ODI, won 12 of them.

West Indies:

The team for the 2019 tournament has shown substantial signs of revival in the past years. However, it is ODI series has not been best despite the dominance of players. It should be noted that early this year, the team won against England 2-1 at home as well as drawing 2-2 with it. Betters on this team may find betting odds of 5/2 necessary.


Of late, Afghanistan’s ability to climb the international ladder is remarkable. The team also boasts of an impressive track record, most recently, in India, the team drew a series 2-2- on Ireland. Coupled with the rising superstars, and if the impact that Khan Rashid is the thing to go by, Afghanistan may surprise many in the tournament. A price of 30/1 may be put on the team.


India is considered having been the most dominant team of the ODI series on both away, and home grounds despite its 2-3 lose to Australia on home grounds. Of the previous 16 series, India backed home 13 of them. The team that features Dohni and Kohli is a threat and especially from the fact that Kohli has gone behind enemy lines in preparation for clash with England. The team is favorite in joint second and may back up the trophy with the odds of 11/10.


Bangladesh has played well in the past two years since it has won 2-0 against West Indies and drawn against Sri Lanka and Australia at home. Also, in the year 218, it won against West Indies and Zimbabwe. Just like Afghanistan, Bangladesh best betting odds may stand at 30/1.

South Africa

South Africa has joined the tournament after winning 13 of the 17 series away and home. The team has however played in England two times. This means its players will have unfamiliar conditions to tackle for their first time. South Africa currently stands to win at 7/2 odds.

Sri Lanka

The team is a surprise winner for the 1995 World Cup. Sri Lanka’s team is ideally up to and down. It has won against South Africa, Bangladesh, West Indies, and Zimbabwe. The best odds bookmarkers have put on it is 16/1.


Since it last reached the World Cup finals in the year 1999, the team has lost and won ODI series equally. For instance, in the last 18 months, Pakistan has lost to New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia although they later won in 2017 in England, it is rated at odds of 4/1 in this year’s World Cup. Furthermore, the fact that one can go for the free spins as well as no deposit free bet bonus offers gamblers a better chance to win big.

It can be argued that since its 2015 win of the World Cup, its form in the 50-over match is worse except for the few past months when it won against India 3-2 and 5-0 against Pakistan. Currently, the team stands at 11/10 of the odds to win the tournament again.

New Zealand

To be sincere, the best team to watch in the current world cricket is New Zealand. The team plays an exciting way and with a genuine spirit of sporting. The team plays in the English-style of conditions although it has not played in England since the year 2015. Bookmarkers suggest a 15/4 odds on New Zealand, do not be surprised.


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