Your Guide to Virtual Cricket

No matter how technologically adept or up to date on the world of sports you may be, with the pace at which things evolve, it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening.

Over the last few years, virtual sports and betting have really taken off, and these days – you can watch and bet on pretty much every sport under the sun from the comfort of your living room. Cricket is no exception. But being a fairly new sport to take to the virtual stage, you might still have some questions about how it works. Let’s break down the basics of virtual cricket.

What exactly is virtual cricket?

If you’ve yet to check out a match of virtual cricket live, this is what you can expect. Playing out across two overs per inning, virtual cricket matches are actually a lot more realistic than some other virtual sports, like soccer for example.

Most sites incorporate actual filmed footage, so you get a taste of the real thing, in addition to a partial simulation of various game elements. You can also expect to hear plenty of informative and witty commentary from real cricket personalities and actual players.

How does a virtual cricket game unfold?

Typically, if you’re dealing with a game that is being live-streamed – the entire match should not take any longer than four minutes. Most virtual cricket games will begin with the home team up first to bat, the visiting team is up next and the ultimate result will be decided by the team who ends up scoring the most overall runs.

Virtual teams will also usually be assigned a star rating, one for batting and one for fielding. This gives betters the chance to make a more informed decision regarding whether or not they want to proceed with a handicap and the type of bet they’d like to place.

How can I bet on a virtual cricket game?

Betting on virtual cricket is fun, easy, and becoming more and more popular. Some will allow you to pick different parameters of the bet, including teams.

You can also bet on different aspects of the games, including how many boundaries will be scored and how many fours are scored using the over or under function.

There are also functions that give you the chance to back odd or even bet on the total runs scored in each match. It’s a good idea to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the different options available to determine which one is best suited to your knowledge of the game and your preference as a better.

How can I watch virtual cricket live?

It is simple and accessible to watch virtual cricket live and generally you can set up an account and get watching within a couple of minutes. There are different services you can use, but most will require you to sign up with some identifying details and create a username and password.

Most virtual sporting platforms also include a selection of other sports, so you can also watch and bet on things like motor racing, tennis, or horseracing if you’re interested. Once you’re logged in, you just go ahead and click on the sport you’re interested in and the current action will automatically begin to stream live, putting you square in the middle of the action.

This primary page for each sport is also where you can find all the betting options at your disposal. Thanks to everything being conveniently located in one place, you will be able to check out all the different kinds of bets while you’re already watching the match.


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