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    Freezing conditions here in Ballarat at the moment.
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    The Covid Menace.

    Victoria have it right now. 54 total cases with 19 new locally aquired cases today.
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    You can take them for a walk. Use it as your exercise
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    Stay safe mate. Just read that you guys are in lockdown.
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    Oz/Kiwi Sport

    Hope the Black Caps win the WCT. It's apparently going into a 6th day.
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    Cute dog mate. Hope she recovers from that nasty operation.
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    On holidays. Keeping an eye on the WTC

    On holidays. Keeping an eye on the WTC
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    India Tour Of Australia 2020/21

    India were too good for Australia.
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    The Weather Thread

    Feels like it might snow.
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    They shouldn't also be played.
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    Has The Bcci Become Too Powerful In World Cricket?

    I did think they were a little selfish with the latest IPL tornament being played amongst the covid outbreak in the subcontinent.
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    Haven't given an update for awhile. Thought i would try and do so politely. Going ok have had to do my course from online because of some personal and private issues going on in my life at the moment. Been able to get to umpire of a weekend but this weekend it's taking a break because of a...
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    I just reckon it's a stupid idea when you have a health global pandemic going around you and there's the Olympics wanting to selfishly go ahead.
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    Lockdown number 4 starts today. What to do...

    Lockdown number 4 starts today. What to do...
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    The Covid Menace.

    Not yet. It's been a bit difficult getting through on the hotline. I wish it was all done online.