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  1. ants14

    Moises Henriques

    Moises Henriques How good to people thing this bloke is going to be? He is 22 years old, and in the absence of the Australian representatives, he is the captain of New South Wales. I personally could see him breaking through in the next 5 years and becoming one of the world's best all rounders...
  2. ants14

    Ricky Ponting

    Ricky Ponting Another innings another millionaire pull shot, and another Ponting dismissal. The amount of times I have watched this man bat in recent times, and he has gone out caught to that pull shot is disgusting, especially early in his innings when his side needs to consolidate after...
  3. ants14

    Season reviews

    Season reviews BATTING AVERAGES 1 Hall, Sam 483 runs at 40.25 with a highest score of 112NO 2 Millard, Colin 390 runs at 32.50 with a highest score of 81 3 Clark, Alf 272 runs at 30.22 with a highest score of 69NO 4 Armistead, Anthony 211 runs at 17.58 with a highest score of 72...
  4. ants14

    Fergusson or Hauenstein

    Fergusson or Hauenstein I have had the privelege of playing alongside fergy, and have played against the hornet, and I want to know who you think is better
  5. ants14

    Mid Season Team Reviews

    Mid Season Team Reviews alright so i daresay there would nearly be a representative for every club on this forum by now, so how about everyone gives an honest assessment of where there club is at. if any north guys on the forum want to add anything feel free NORTH GEELONG Review- after a...
  6. ants14

    Mid Season Team of the Year

    Mid Season Team of the Year team of the year so far based on performances from this year and this year only 1 A.Baars (East Belmont) 2 A.Stanley (Newtown) 3 C.Bambury (Lara) 4 G.Talarico (Geelong West) 5 B.Hauenstein (South Barwon) 6 R.Kiddle (Leopold) 7 D.Morgan (St Josephs) 8...
  7. ants14

    Who would you rather-Brad Hauenstein or Glen Talarico

    Who would you rather-Brad Hauenstein or Glen Talarico alright so i cant sleep and i was just looking at the leaders for the league champion thing on mycricket. hornets in the lead by not much and talarico is second. just want thoughts on who people would prefer to have in there side.