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  1. Hitterman

    Beginners complete Guide to setup and maintain a website

    Beginners complete Guide to setup and maintain a website This guide is made by none other than Hitterman. GUIDE TO SETUP A WEBSITE Making a website is not an easy job but if you’ll follow the basic steps correctly, you’ll surely receive success in your website. Here are some basic...
  2. Hitterman

    SimplyCricket youtube channel

    SimplyCricket youtube channel Finally I got sC's youtube channel. I was searching for it but I forgot the username. I have suscribed it. Any chances of updating the channel? It's really amazingly designed. I am sure it will be now called as BigCricket's Channel. SimplyCricket Youtube Channel
  3. Hitterman

    Press Ctrl + V here

    Press Ctrl + V here All you have to do is without testing your clipboard, just press your Ctrl + V and post it. Please be honest and don't change it until it is your personal password. Now we will be able to see some secrets. I am starting with mine.
  4. Hitterman

    DOS games & Vista

    DOS games & Vista Is there any way by which we can run old classic DOS games in Windows Vista? When I run it, I see a blank black screen. I have tried compatibility mode also. I really wanted to play old games like Sky, Dave, Mario and many more. Though I have many new games like...
  5. Hitterman

    The Super Quiz thread **The Knowledge Test**

    The Super Quiz thread **The Knowledge Test** This forum was active only because of some 4-5 never ending threads. Let's make this thread more intresting by intresting questions. I'll ask a question and you have to answer. The question may be related to any category or it may be a riddle...
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    4th ODI: India V England @ Jamshedpur

    4th ODI: India V England @ Jamshedpur Thought of posting this event since it hasn't beenposted and users whould atleast get some time to stake their bets. On 23rd November at Jamshedpur, India will take on England for one more time. If India wins this match, they will win the series. Can...
  7. Hitterman

    The new layout

    The new layout I just saw the new Navigation bar layout and it's fantastic. There is only one problem that its too wide. I have to scroll Horizontally to see the full page. Another problem is, whenw e click the "forums" link on portal, it doesn't work because it has just been linked to...
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    Security token error

    Security token error I tried to vote on the poll at the portal, but I got this error: This is only to inform staff about this . I think its due to old portal template or un-updated templates in the style. I am sure it can be fixed easily within 5 seconds. :D
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    Blog of the Month (BOTM)

    Blog of the Month (BOTM) The title of this thread describes this very well. This contest is for bloggers who daily post new quality entries in their blogs. The main purpose of this is to bring more quality blogs and bloggers. The idea is, every month bloggers will be nominated on the basis...
  10. Hitterman

    M.S Dhoni "The AdMan"

    M.S Dhoni "The AdMan" As all Indians know that they can see Dhoni more on advertisements rather than on field. He is earning lot of money every month. Do you think he should concentrate more on cricket rather on Television?
  11. Hitterman

    Need serious bowling help

    Need serious bowling help Hello to all. My name is Hitterman and I need some help regarding my friend’s bowling since he is not able to get online. My friend is a Right arm medium fast bowler but he told me that he isn’t getting speed in his bowling. He also told me that his hands don’t...
  12. Hitterman

    Need help regarding php

    Need help regarding php I was coding a vBulletin pHp file and I am confused a bit. When we use case in php, does it works same as it works in C++? I mean, if we declare a case in php like this: switch($_GET[value]) and then we will call it case 1: <code> break; Will it work? Can...
  13. Hitterman

    Missing teen hooked on Xbox found dead

    Missing teen hooked on Xbox found dead Just read this news from and i am really Shocked :eek: It seems that addiction towards games is really increasing in the world. Source
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    Hitterman's blog

    Hitterman's blog I don't know whether this is the right place for posting my blog or not but still I am posting. If its not in the right forum, Please move it. Just started my Blog for Webmasters and Leaners. (Sorry for little weak English:p) Hitterman's Blog My First Entry: Rapidshare...
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    some little bugs.

    some little bugs. I recently created two topics. One blog post and other one is thread. After posting why there are two size tags are visible in my post? Neither i have done any formatting nor have I done any size change. The tags are like: It can be removed by editing the post again but...
  16. Hitterman

    Amit Mishra , The new Jumbo?

    Amit Mishra , The new Jumbo? There is no doubt on Indian Spinner Amit Mishra’s potential and talent, but is he a replacement for Anil Kumble? With the 5 wicket haul in his Debut match, he has proven himself another great spinner. Do you guys think that Amit Mishra is a replacement for kumble...
  17. Hitterman

    Visited Users

    Visited Users Hi there, I was thinking of of Mod under Who's Online where we can see "Users visited in last 24 Hours". I know its not very Important but it will look coOl and Impressive too. Just a small suggestion.:) Regards.
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    Sourav Ganguly Announces his Retirement

    Sourav Ganguly Announces his Retirement After a long controversy ,Finally former indian Captain Sourav Chandidas Ganguly has accounced his Retirement from Tests after the Aussie series. What a bad news.
  19. Hitterman

    Folder hangs?????

    Folder hangs????? Today in my D: Drive i was getting some weird peoblems. I have one of the folders named "Accounts". When i single click on it, the whole fodler hangs out and after 6 seconds it becomes selected. And after browsing the "Accounts" folder when i click on "Back" button or "<-"...
  20. Hitterman


    Title I was thinking that why my usertitle isn't changing. Some users at post count 10 have different usertitle but i still have the same user title "Member". Why its not changing?