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  1. blaster

    Native Indian supporters?

    Native Indian supporters? Saw a large group of blokes dressed up as Native Indians at the Gabba. Anyone know who they are, because they seemed organised.
  2. blaster

    Phillip Hughes- Maiden Test Century

    Phillip Hughes- Maiden Test Century Phill Hughes just scored his maiden test century. He currently sits at 115 not out from 146 balls which has included 19 fours and two sixes, with one of them bringing up his century. It might be early to say, but I think this kid has now cemented his spot...
  3. blaster

    The Off Season - Bay 13

    The Off Season - Bay 13 Well now that the Aussie summer is over it is time to start building our reputation more over the winter. I will be looking at building a website over the next few months which should help things out a bit. If anyone has any ideas or wants to help out just post in the...
  4. blaster


    expansion with squads getting bigger as this league becoming more popular, would it be a good idea to get more teams or start getting a seconds league? we could promote and drop players, it would be more official. also instead of new players going straight into the team, the could warm up in...
  5. blaster

    The Fantasy Ashes

    The Fantasy Ashes I was just wondering. Is bigcricket going to have its own fantasy ashes for 2009? Like a team full of aussies and another full of poms. To be held during the Ashes series?
  6. blaster

    website for bay 13

    website for bay 13 since this is getting better and more official i think it would be a good idea to start its own website. just to organize stuff better, have our own forum and things like that. anyone interested that is good about that sort of stuff. who is up for it?
  7. blaster

    Gday and stuff about Bay13

    Gday and stuff about Bay13 gday. i recently joined bigcricket and i am looking for people to subscribe to this thread i started. its about bay13 and people talking about ways to help improve it and new chants, mainly anything to discuss really. its to help the bays reputation and make it like...
  8. blaster

    Bay 13-MCG

    Bay 13-MCG Ive started this thread to try and help build the reputation of Bay 13. We can dicuss heaps of things such as issues like beer cup snakes, beach volleyballs and new chants. It could be like a new sort of club where we could organise what we will do on match day. Please get ya...