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    Mash Shield 2017/18

    fire away
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    Money Shield 2017/18

    Start conversations
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    Barclay Shield 2017/18

    Probably time to start new thread
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    Ben Cookson Fund

    G'day everyone. Just wanted to start this thread to let everyone know about Bens plight and what people can do to support him. Ben has a tough road ahead after being diagnosed with a serious illness. As well as being Captain Coach of Research Eltham Collegians Cricket Club, Ben has been best...
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    Dvca Cricket Show 2013/14

    Cricket show this week will feature the Rosanna boys to discuss there Barclay Shield prospects. Legs mate Shelts will be in with a mate or two. Of course Legs will be back from some music festival thingy which forced his absence last week. I'll attempt to find some humour from around the globe...
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    Dvca Radio Show Feedback

    Just though I'd create a thread for the radio show for suggestions and feedback. I trust that closer to the action people can make suggestion on what they would like out of the show and and perhaps a bit of constructive comment on how it's going.
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    20/20 Comp

    Research v Diamo last night was an entertaining affair! Diamo batting first and posting 139 then having Research ECCC on the ropes at about 5/60 before Joel Whyte and Scott Wheeler both posted 41 each to get the Search across the line with 5 balls to spare. Great night for it, excellent crowd...