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    Jofra Archer's behaviour

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    England have acquired a new toy apparently, I believe his name is ARCHER.a week ago I had never heard of him,after watching him at Edgbaston I think he is a promising player with a hell of a lot to learn,I certainly wouldn't swap him for any one of Aussies three pacebowlers currently playing...
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    Worst Players To Get A Baggy Green

    Thank God this is a free country and people can voice their honest opinions,and ai repeat my honest opinion,I think this current Australian team is the worst I have seen in my 85 years,How many of the current side would have made it in 2000-2003,? Clarke and nobody else,Johnson is NOWHERE near...
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    Worst Players To Get A Baggy Green

    I still think this current Australian side is the worst for many many years.they were made to look good by the crappy English (united nations )side.
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    Most over-rated bowler in the world.....

    Re: Most over-rated bowled in the world..... I need to look no further than Harmison & Panesar, they got plaudits for years virtually saying they were the best thing since sliced bread,yet they have never been better than "crap" PS ...and you poms have the nerve to criticise Hauritz,....he...
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    Flintoff goes undercover

    Re: Flintoff goes undercover They will need someone more inteligent to have any help to the Poms strategies:eek::eek::eek:
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    Australia in South Africa

    Re: Australia in South Africa If SA had won the last test in Australia,we would have lost the No1 world ranking,so it wasn't a "dead rubber" for either side.
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    Australia in South Africa

    Re: Australia in South Africa Looking at yesterdays performance by Johnson (Saturday) his technique is also superb for the higher order batsmen.:D:D:D All we are short of now is a world class leggy.
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    JP Duminy

    Re: JP Duminy Apparently the poms dont take account of the lights being in someones eyes,the way they rubbished Hussey for the one he missed in a similar situation. flintoff would have caught them both,(had he been sober):D