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  1. Renegadesfan

    Steve Smith as skipper again yes or no?

    I would like to know if you want Steve Smith as our skipper again? Why? I think he should be given the captaincy as he knows a few things and is willing to listen to everyone. I also think that just because he got given a ban that he should be given another go. Ricky Ponting was given a ban...
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    Your pets name game

  3. Renegadesfan

    non cricket things that you love

    Love it when the weather is great. Being able to get to do things outside. I took my dog rajah who lives with my parents out for a walk the other day and we saw a hare that came out and bounded away. Rajah went nuts.
  4. Renegadesfan

    Server error message when going to upgrade status

    @Chief Just letting you know that there is a server error every time we go and update our statuses. Can we have that fixed please?
  5. Renegadesfan

    What can you hear?

    Picked up this thread on another forum that i post on. Thought i'd bring it here. I can hear machinery as many houses are being built up nearby. Also i can hear my kitty purring
  6. Renegadesfan

    Rip Dean Jones

  7. Renegadesfan

    ICC on instagram

    Any one taking much notice of ICC on instagram? They seem to come up with some awesome quizzes during this pandemic.
  8. Renegadesfan

    Covid-19 thread

    How are you all coping with no cricket on tv or to play for a while all because of covid-19?
  9. Renegadesfan

    Chat is here

    Just like to say awesome work by @Chief and his crew to get this up and running.
  10. Renegadesfan

    Funniest prank you have pulled on somebody

    Just wondering what is the funniest prank you have pulled on somebody? I have the knack of recording my own farts and sending them to my cousin just for a bit of fun. I do it randomly. He is a teacher so i try and not send whilst he is working. But if i accidently do he will open it up...
  11. Renegadesfan

    MCG Sheffield shield game abandoned due to an unsafe pitch

    Thought you might be interested in this one. Discuss it if you wish
  12. Renegadesfan

    Jofra Archer's behaviour

    Now this isn't a complaint about Jofra's bowling just one about him being seen laughing and carrying on about Steve Smith when he deliberately went after him with a bouncer. Whilst i don't mind his bowling. I'm just thinking does jofra archer need a bit of education on why many people are...
  13. Renegadesfan

    Darren Lehmann selects his team
  14. Renegadesfan

    Virat kohli's random act of kindness

    Discuss this. It happened in the game australia vs india.
  15. Renegadesfan

    Merry christmas

    Think it would be nice to up the ante in here by wishing everyone a merry christmas. Hope you all got spoilt rotten by your loved ones.
  16. Renegadesfan

    The Weather Thread

    Simply tell us what the weather is like where you are. Had a frosty morning here in ballarat. It is currently 0.8 degrees.
  17. Renegadesfan

    Umpire Paul Reiffel Hit In Head After Bad Throw Hope he recovers as he is one of the best umpires in the land
  18. Renegadesfan

    Ab Devilliers Out Of Aussie Tour With Injured Elbow Not that good to hear that Ab Devilliers isn't going to travel with the south african team to australia as he is out with a nasty elbow injury. Sounds like he's broken his elbow as he has to have surgery on it. He's highly respected.
  19. Renegadesfan

    Non Cricket Things You Detest

    thought this thread could be a bit like the what sh!ts you thread on bigfooty. We stick the rules in here. I will go first. Negativity on twitter/social media. Unhygenic people on public transport. People writing off your team's coach and potting the players.
  20. Renegadesfan

    Afl 2016 Tipping And Chat Thread

    Who wants to be in an afl tipping competition? Thought it might be a good idea to try and get enough numbers first so that we can create a league of our own called bigcricket AFL tipping competition. We can put our tips in here for the NAB Challenge games if you wish. The actual afl season...