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  1. Signman

    Movies & Tv Series.

    This movie looks a top watch... the last Top Gun movie was released 34 years ago, meant to come out later this year, don't know when though.
  2. Signman

    Oz/Kiwi Sport

    BLACKCAPS v WEST INDIES MATCHES : 1st 20/20... Fri 27th Nov {Eden Park, Auckland} - 7pm {NZ Time} 2nd 20/20... Sun 29th Nov {Bay Oval, Mt Maunganui} - 2pm {NZ Time} 3rd 20/20... Mon 30th Nov {Bay Oval, Mt Maunganui} - 7pm {NZ Time} 1st Test... Thu 3rd Dec {Seddon Park, Hamilton} - 11am {NZ...
  3. Signman

    Spectacular Beaches

    Mount Maunganui Beach - Tauranga - North Island - NZ A couple of pics of Mt Maunganui beach... it's pretty unique in terms that there is water on both sides on the beach.