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  1. D.K

    West Indies Cricket

    Looks like Ramnaresh Sarwon hasn't been offered a central contract based (based on fitness), Dwanye Bravo and Chris Gayle knocked back their contracts offered and now they are being led by Sammy who hasn't even played 20 tests. Too much issues going on over there, many people know more about...
  2. D.K

    Waqar Younis the new man in charge of Pakistan Cricket

    Waqar Younis the new man in charge of Pakistan Cricket Article is here from CricInfo 4th coach in close to 3 years. He has signed on till 2011 which really means nothing over there, the PCB want results and wants them quick. You can't deliver then your out. Thoughts on the appointment?
  3. D.K

    The Way forward for Pakistan

    The Way forward for Pakistan With the large Australian base of members here we should be able to generate some discussion on the issues that Pakistan are facing at the moment and how they can go about moving forward. (I will say that a few of these points were brought up by Grandstand late...
  4. D.K

    Vale David Sheppard

    Vale David Sheppard Former umpire Dave Sheppard past away after a long battle with cancer. Really did like him as an umpire, not much controvesy with him when he was out in the middle. Simon Taufel has written a tribute to him on cric info. Short but good words! RIP
  5. D.K

    Victorian Bushfire's

    Victorian Bushfire's Hey Guys and Gals of the Big Cricket Community, For those not in Australia we have had some pretty devestating fires over the last few days. On Saturday all records were broken for heat (46.2 C in Melbourne smashed the previous hottest day ever on record) and combine...
  6. D.K

    Pakistan Players Blocked from the IPL

    Pakistan Players Blocked from the IPL Pakistan blocks its players from IPL What a great way for Pakistan to keep a healthy and productive relationship with their neighbours :rolleyes:
  7. D.K

    Indian Premier League Auction (Feb 7)

    Indian Premier League Auction (Feb 7) Here it is the final list of 43 players that are on the books for the Auction. For these players to be considered for the auction they needed at least 1 franchaise to show interest in them. The following players are noimated, with their base price next...
  8. D.K

    Big Cricket Player of The Month (January)

    Big Cricket Player of The Month (January) *Logo still in the process of being made* Welcome to the 2nd monthly award handed out to the player voted by you as the best player of the past month. After crowning Graeme Smith (South Africa) as our inagural winner of this prestigious honour its...
  9. D.K

    Should the best umpire be allowed to umpire the best matches?

    Should the best umpire be allowed to umpire the best matches? This has been bugging me for quite some time. The ICC states in test matches that an umpire who's home nation is playing in that test match be unable to officatiate in given game. It is bugging me up the wall because we are...
  10. D.K

    Big Cricket Player of The Month (December)

    Big Cricket Player of The Month (December) Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the new and greatest award to hit the Big Cricket site. This monthly award will be voted by you guys the users and a hall of fame will be created with all the winners. At the moment we are just going to have a...
  11. D.K

    BigCricket Travel Thread

    BigCricket Travel Thread Thought maybe people could share their experiences of places to go around the word. I will post a few up, 1 a day for a week. I have been to: The United Kingdom France Belgium Luxembourg Germany Finland Sweedan Norway Denmark Greece Singapore Thialand...
  12. D.K

    New Years Eve

    New Years Eve So what is the plan for you guys? Some say its the most overatted night of the year, personally I have had great nights nearly every year. THis year off to the Falls Festival all the way on some island called Tasmania. Should be wicked, can't wait to see The Kooks and a few...
  13. D.K

    Cartiliage Damage

    Cartiliage Damage I toor my cartliage at the base of my femour, lateral side in my left leg. Believe it is called your femoral condyle (not 100%) but basicly had a little clean out. A little bit of background info for anyone that can help. I am 21, 6 foot 6 and weight around the 95kg mark. I...
  14. D.K

    A Battle of the Cricketers

    A Battle of the Cricketers Who is Big Cricket's favourite cricketer? Why don't we find out by having a battle. Randomly drawn like a tennis draw, two players will go off in a battle to see who is our most favourite cricketer. Most votes win. We did this at the start of Big Cricket...
  15. D.K

    What BigCricket Offers

    What BigCricket Offers Hey Local Board, D.K here one of the admins on the new and improved BigCricket. We recently merged with SimplyCricket and now we have more features to offer all of you great posters. General Cricket Chat - Were all your general cricket chat happens, where the big...
  16. D.K

    D.K Blog

    D.K Blog Well guys thought I might do a blog, bit of an update on how my cricket down in the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne is going. Well great day for cricket yesterday (well I would say a better day for golf :D) First game of the year playing in a funny little town called Main Ridge...
  17. D.K

    The Olympics 2008

    The Olympics 2008 Thought we would have a thread put up about the coming Olympics with under a month to go before the opening ceremony! Predictions? Hackett to get up again in the 1500m, our Divers to do pretty good and the men's basketball team to go pretty deep in the competition. Bring...
  18. D.K

    The Magoos

    The Magoos As we don't have a team name and most likely this team will be disolved when the real season starts a team name isn't as necessary at the moment but if anyone wants a name you can suggest it. Team is: Guru Big Man will_85 ToonArmy Mick Megene Big Dorez blacklightning SA Hawkette...
  19. D.K

    Captain's Nomination Thread

    Captain's Nomination Thread You can nominate yourself or someone else. Post why you think that you or them will be the right guy/girl for the job. Nominations will run for about a week Nominate away
  20. D.K

    "Five Finds of IPL" - Kumar Sangakara

    "Five Finds of IPL" - Kumar Sangakara On opinion of Kumar of who he thinks are the five biggest finds in the IPL Shaun Marsh Luke Pomersbach Shane Watson ? (Hardly a find has been around for a little while) Yusuf Pathan Piyush Chawla Article here 3 are Australians, does this...