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    New Zealand Tour In England

    So NZ are warming up to their huge two game series against England and are not doing bad if the reports are to go by. The news is saying NZ got a solid start against Derby and with two half centuries whilst resting some players Im hoping the black caps give England a good run out on the 16th.
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    England Eye Dominant Era?

    Seen this from Aussie news site Sports Fan - it says that Cook thinks England are looking for a dominant era in Cricket... England eye dominant era - my opinion is that if this is the case then its the best of a bad bunch at present!
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    Jesse Ryder Awake

    Couldnt see a thread, but by now everyone must all know of the punctured lung and fractured skull he suffered after being attacked...thank god he has come out of the induced coma he was put in - Jesse Ryder Awake - shocking turn of events and I hope he recovers!
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    India Vs England

    India vs England today in Dharmasala, Im intrigued by this match given the recent low scoring efforts between the two, does anyone think this will be a different match? I have a feeling it could be high scoring, England need to make a statement before travelling to New Zealand.
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    Inconsistency Of England

    Ive noticed how inconsistent England can be in recent times. Look at the latest ODI with India and you can see straight away what I mean. First OD series they batted well and scored a huge 325 for 4, but then lose the next two series with only 158 and 155 runs. 155 runs is low by anyones...
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    Odi: Is 1 Day Cricket Doomed?

    Saw this very interesting article about whether 1 day cricket is doomed (link to article). I dont know about you guys but the problem for me is that I do like the one dayers, but there seems to much of them, along with T20 and test matches. The article talks about the drop in interest, it even...
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    Gilberts Resigns From Nsw

    Just seen this article on Big Pond Sport: Gilbert resigns as CEO of NSW 11 years he has been in the job so even with the recent sacking of the NSW coach many felt he was too protected for this to happen! Im quite surprised, what about you guys?
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    Worst Ball In History

    Dont know if any of you have seen the poor delivery from Jadeja to Trott who banged it for four after it bounced loads of times, it was pretty bad. Saw this article on it at Big Pond and thought it was funny - Worst ball in history
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    Warne For The Ashes?

    Keep seeing articles about Warne looking to get back for the Ashes. Im sure its a wind up because he is playing Big Bash and wants some publicity, but what if??? Heres the article I just read Should Warne attempt a comeback?
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    Kenyan Cricketer In Match Fixing

    Is it me or are we hearing alot about match fixing in the present day, every year there are a few match fixing allegations. This latest one relates to the 2011 world cup, heres the article - Kenyan implicated in WC match fixing
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    Pomersbach To Appear In Indian Court

    Wow - did any of you hear about Pomersbach appearing in court in India for molesting a woman and beating up her fella? What is this world coming too! Heres the full story Pomersbach to appear in Indian court
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    Hi All

    Hi, Im new to the forum and to be honest its the first Cricket forum I have been on. I lurked for a week or so before taking the plunge so be gentle with me :) Im from Leicester in the UK and love a bit of cricket on a warm summers day...or on the TV with a beer.