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    Net Practice Vs Bowling Machine

    I would like your opinion on this, which is better. Personally i think machine is good for speed, but real bowlers are better for swing/subtlety.
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    Gameplan While Batting

    I would like some help formulating a game plan while batting, I have been batting well with a good technique, getting to 20s, but I feel I need a good game plan to convert my 20s into 50s and 100s How would I go about do it. e.g 0-10 overs, get your eye in 11-20 overs, turn singles 20+ play...
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    Junior Changes what are your thoughts on the changes? most notably reducing over boundaries and length of the pitch.
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    How Do You Control Yourself After Playing A Good Shot?

    I have been in situations where I have played 1 or 2 good shots but I dont know what to do after, should I continue on with it or go into my shell e.g say i have hit 2 fours, and I have achieved my target for the overs. Cheers.
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    I would like to know why coaches emphasise taking a large stride to the pitch of the ball when you can play it just as well from the crease with little footwork. As it seems easier/and efficient as well as less risk of getting caught trapped between lengths of ball( if its too short etc.)
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    Best City In Australia For Living

    OK, no flaming, but i would like your opinion if you could live anywhere in australia where would it be?
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    Why Is Nsw Good At Cricket

    Dont want to stir the pot here, but most of the top players have traditionally come from this state, I played in victoria before taking a moveup here and tbh after playing in a strong comp in both states, i dont see much difference at the day to day club level, its pretty much the same. Is it...
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    Good Clubs In Sydney

    Hi, I have come from the US to live in sydney (born in melb) want to play a good standard of cricket wonder if theres any good comps around here. Obviously theres district cricket, but dont want to travel halfway across nsw every 2nd sat'day, would prefer to play in a strong local comp. I am...
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    Speed Of Bowling Machine

    I would like to know how fast bowling machines really are. At my local indoor centre the speed dial is 0-100. I would like to know just what this means. Is it mph? Do they go as fast as they claim? Another question, is there any apps/ programs to measure bowling speeds? Cheers, Guys
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    Do Weights Make You Slower

    Got a theory I want to test, I am a batsman and started serious weight traning over a year and a half ago but I noticed I have gone out to quicker balls a lot recently, could it be that weights slow down your body either your reflexes or having more muscles make you slower.
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    Back Away From The Ball

    Hi, I just realised I had this problem I tend to back away from the ball (back foot goes down leg side) while the bowl is bowled ...front foot is ok.....I didn't realise this until i had a coach tell me and on video camera I saw it.. I do it subconsciously how do i stop this? Thanks
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    How Important Is Technique

    I would like ppl's opinion on technique in batting. How important is to have a textbook technique. I personally dont have a textbook technique i am more of a 'hitter' of a ball rely on my hand eye coordination and reflexes more as i have never been taught. But now i am playing a high level of...
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    How To Play On Bouncy Versus Low Bounce Wickets

    I am playing in a league where the pitch i play on changes everyweek depending on the venue. One week i play on bouncy pitches and the other, low bounce wickets. It seems this is affecting my game, any tips on how to play on each pitch? I especially struggle on the low bounce wickets. Most of my...