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  1. five80

    Overseas Players - Do We Need A Rule Change?

    Just wondering what everyone's opinion is about the increasing number of overseas players in the DVCA? I know that throughout the UK most clubs are allowed only 1 non British citizen/passport holder in each team. Anyone think we need to consider something similar? I think overseas players...
  2. five80

    Occa: Sightings And Rumours

    News about Occa.......
  3. five80

    Victorian Under 23 Team

    Victorian Under 23 Team Looks like the State 2nd XI competition is going to be scrapped and be replaced with an Under 23 state comp. Who is in Victorias under 23 team for next year?
  4. five80

    DVCA: Player movements and rumours

    DVCA: Player movements and rumours If you've got any news/rumours on coach/captain or player movements then post them here during the offseason. Any big retirements?
  5. five80

    Who will be Victoria's spinner without McGain?

    Who will be Victoria's spinner without McGain? Just wondering who will be Victoria's spinner in one dayers and shield games without McGain?
  6. five80

    Victorian Premier Cricket 08/09

    Victorian Premier Cricket 08/09 OK, any rumours going around for the upcoming season of Premier cricket? I've heard Adam Dale to coach Melbourne, Graham Yallop to coach Hawthorn, Dempsey to Dandenong as a player. Any others?