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  1. YankeeCricketer

    The Baseball Thread

    As the resident American here, I thought I’d put myself out there if anyone has baseball questions…which might be relevant, as T20 tactics evolve and get more baseball-like (I know Aussies have a more than passing familiarity with the game. Any Holroyd Giants fans out there?) Anyway, fire away
  2. YankeeCricketer

    THIS is a catch (NZ v SA 2d Test)

    Go on, Will Young!
  3. YankeeCricketer

    U.S. Cricket History

    Hi all Last week I was a guest on the Good Seats Still Available podcast, a show that focuses on defunct pro teams and leagues in the U.S. With Major League Cricket on the horizon, the show focused on the first attempt at pro T20 here: Pro Cricket of 2004 Along the way, we talk about the...
  4. YankeeCricketer

    Cricket—The Musical

    Anyone ever hear of this?
  5. YankeeCricketer

    Babe Ruth and Cricket

    Babe Ruth remains the legendary here in the U.S.—a great pitcher who transitioned into a legendary batter, and a larger-than-life character every step of the way Apparently, he was acquainted with his cricket counterpart—Don Bradman—and had a go at cricket once, enjoying it immensely but...
  6. YankeeCricketer

    United States Youth Champions

    The first ever Women's Youth Internationals for Team USA results in a tightly fought 4 match series won by a 3-1 margin over Windward Islands Women's Under 19s Take note of the photos in the tweet--Team USA are all first-generation children No problems there--soccer survived on a similar...
  7. YankeeCricketer

    Hello from Philadelphia

    I've been told I'm the first American to register here, so it might be time for an introduction I'm a bit of a sports historian, having written extensively about U.S. pro soccer history over the years, as well as more recently getting into early pro basketball history and chronicling lost box...