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  1. Kiri

    I Value Accuracy Over Turn

    I'm a slow left arm spinner. Having played club cricket for three years and having over-shadowed coaches teaching colts; I think accuracy is more important than how much turn you get as a spin bowler. I can't turn the ball because I bowl with an arm ball grip but it lets me land the ball on the...
  2. Kiri

    Slow Left Arm - Need Help With Action [video]

    Hey guys, I've uploaded a slow mo of my action. Any tips on making it better would really be appreciated thanks.
  3. Kiri

    Videos and Links

    Left arm spin in a nutshell.
  4. Kiri

    New Icc Rankings

    It will take time before they start scoring consistently mate. Also, our bowling isn't that great. Chameera hasn't got great control. T-Kaushal just debuted. Kula will probably get dropped. Lakmal is injury prone. Malinga...well less said the better.
  5. Kiri

    Videos and Links

    The fixation with leg spin in this forum shocks me a little. Hey guys, I'm a left arm orthodox spinner with good accuracy and nice flight. What I need to work on is more pace on the ball and bowling above the batsman's eyeline consistently. Are there any vids you guys could post to help out...
  6. Kiri

    Spinning The Ball

    Do you usually turn the ball a good distance? If so, I wouldn't worry given the wicket was moist so it might of made the ball harder to grip.
  7. Kiri

    Hi All, From A Cricket Tragic.

  8. Kiri

    New Icc Rankings

    Sri Lanka will definitely lose a lot of points over the coming years. We'll probably end up 7th in ODIs.
  9. Kiri

    How To Hit Yorker?

    One more from bowling has always worked for me. It's simple and cheap. Get a cone or something of decent size to aim at and try it hit it. I'd go to the nets, try and bowl 1.5-2 hours and aim for that spot.
  10. Kiri

    Talk Us Through An Over

    Left Arm Orthodox. I'll be coming around the wicket. Field Setting: Fly Slip, backward square leg, midwicket, mid on, mid off, extra cover, short cover, point, gully Ball 1: Looking to bowl on a good length, pitching it up, on off-middle Ball 2: If batsman defends on ball 1, I will now look...
  11. Kiri

    Wrist Spin Bowling (part Five)

    Hi guys, Nice to see some leggies perfecting the art. It's so hard trying to focus on accuracy with this kind of bowling.