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  1. Southern Outlaw

    NMCA 2019/2020

    Yes it would.
  2. Southern Outlaw

    Dvca - How Do We Make It Better?

    Many a time when playing in Victoria and WA I have see both captains agree to start a game early, even with an umpire. If 11 from each side are there early all someone needs to say is 'let's get this going so we can finish early and get in a beer or two before 6 o'clock' and by almost unanimous...
  3. Southern Outlaw

    VTCA Season 2019/20

    Settle down tiger. I was just responding to warrior.
  4. Southern Outlaw

    VTCA Season 2019/20

    Yarraville Club knocked up 5/325 against Strathmore.
  5. Southern Outlaw

    Mash Shield 2017/18

    Same when they were in the VTCA.
  6. Southern Outlaw

    NMCA 2019/2020

    Would have to be next season based on the timing and the need for a turf wicket on your main ground.
  7. Southern Outlaw

    Dvca - How Do We Make It Better?

    Team captains are responsible for policing it and both cannot let a game go on if players don't comply. If caught not enforcing it, I believe suspensions will be handed out to both captains.
  8. Southern Outlaw

    Mitchell Johnson is an idiot

    And he is not a dead set sook like Root or Broad.
  9. Southern Outlaw

    Dvca - How Do We Make It Better?

    I haven't worn a helmet in 15 years but have to go buy one now at the age of 45 - even if I am a number 11 who just walks out and delivers a few wild woofs before gifting a skier to the keeper or mid on. Sport shops are going to get a nice little spike in revenue between now and November.
  10. Southern Outlaw


    We're not affray-ed of Stokes and his foreign army. We'll take them head on.
  11. Southern Outlaw

    Worst Players To Get A Baggy Green

    Wayne Phillips of Victoria and Nic Maddinson in a tie. Case Closed.
  12. Southern Outlaw

    NMCA 2019/2020

    How many grades are there going to be? This talk of D and E Grade sides in B Grade sounds like 'the funeral march' is playing in the background.
  13. Southern Outlaw

    Cricket Victoria - South East Bayside League

    How long will Subbies last as a separate comp from CSB and the VTCA?