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    General Chat 12/13

    By far the best and most commonsense post I have ever read on this forum. Could not agree more.
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    South Division 2012/13

    Not sure what club your from but I believe our club secretary has a copy of the new constitution. Our committee are meeting on Wed night and will discuss it there.
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    Willy Comp 2011/2012

    From my estimates, the VTCA West Comp would now have 11 sides I think? I bet the next side across to them will fill the West Division just perfectly. Is the cut off for nominations at the end off the month for associations? My mail there is a sleeper, not the one mentioned previously. Might be...
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    General Chat 12/13

    Have heard through legal sources Sth Caulfield pulled out of their legal action and had to pay costs? Come on SS?