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  1. Chasing Cherry

    Money Shield 2019/2020

    Cricket Vic just sent out comms backing up the CA stance: "We expect local community cricket and school competitions to take the same leadership position and cancel all cricket playing and training activity for the remainder of the 2019/20 season in response to this unprecedented global health...
  2. Chasing Cherry

    Money Shield 2019/2020

    Would need to run the numbers specifically for this, as DL is used for 50 overs or less. Any calculators I am finding on a Google search won't let me set the max overs any higher than 50.
  3. Chasing Cherry

    Money Shield 2019/2020

    At least they will still be promoted to Barclay. How would Laurimar be feeling right now - game is not over by any means, but definitely in the box seat.
  4. Chasing Cherry

    Dvca - Competition Restructure

    Doesn't this have to be formally voted on? The only info I've heard/read was that the vote was defeated, no word on a follow-up vote after it. Also, what happens now in B Grade with only 7 sides? Surely not a bye. Mernda to stay up?
  5. Chasing Cherry

    2016/2017 Barclay Shield

    They would be pretty happy now. Great hard-fought win. Lot of money spent by Riverside to keep good players down and ensure lower grade finals wins. Can't get the job done when it matters though.
  6. Chasing Cherry

    2016/2017 Money Shield

    You can lose and still get an increase in percentage. Conversely, you can win points but lose percentage - all depends on the wickets taken/lost.
  7. Chasing Cherry

    2015/2016 - B & C Grade Thread

    May as well liven up this thread - Motschall. 480 runs this season, including two tons, at an average of 53.33. Coming into Mash Shield won't change too much (I think). Thoughts about if he would still be this much of a quality player in Barclay... or is it a case of a big fish in a little pond?
  8. Chasing Cherry

    2015/2016 Barclay Shield Thread

    Looks like Tom can handle himself this week. Tim took it on his own back - chanceless? Or could he have been snaffled early?
  9. Chasing Cherry

    2014/2015 Barclay Shield

    CONFIRMED: Rod Marsh to Bundoora United.
  10. Chasing Cherry

    2014/2015 Barclay Shield

    Result of the first round of the Statewide T20 comp: Bundoora United 4/218 defeated Toorak-Prahran 97. Nick Curtin with 104*, backing up a 123 against OP on the weekend.
  11. Chasing Cherry

    2014/2015 B And C Grade

    Had a look at the B Grade ladder and wondered how Mernda could be on 26 points - reverse outright by Macleod on the weekend. Macleod 70 & 150 defeated Mernda 121 & 68. Can anyone provide some more insight on what happened here?
  12. Chasing Cherry

    2014/2015 Money Shield

    Was anyone here witness to Liyanage's efforts over the weekend?