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  1. Max Andrews

    Leg Spinner And Coach

    For those of you out there that love their cricket and their science, here's an article on Pitchvision that I've put together just for you. In this article, I discuss how to exploit ground reaction forces to improve your bowling.
  2. Max Andrews

    Cricket Questions

    G’day fellas, cricket season is starting over here in Australia. This year for my club we’ve got some exciting talent and experience coming over to play for us. Since his gig with the Queensland Bulls, Stuart Law has been signed to play a few games in 2nd grade this year. Sam Northeast or Fabian...
  3. Max Andrews

    Bowling Action Video Analysis

    Hey guys, Who wants their bowling actions analysed? Post some footage of your bowling actions here or message them to me and I'll analyse them.
  4. Max Andrews

    Leg Spinner And Coach

    G'day guys. I’m a young leg spin bowler and coach. It’s really great to see such a passionate group of spin bowlers all in the one place. I really enjoy coaching spin bowling and seeing bowlers spin the ball. If you have any questions about spin bowling feel free to ask me. As any leg spinner...