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  1. breeno

    Guatam Gambhir and Irfan Pathan?

    Guatam Gambhir and Irfan Pathan? Two of my favourite players going around, what's happening with them? I havn't heard too much about Gambhir recently, although I know he made 167 in his last match. As for Pathan, he was so promising and hasn't played since 2008, has anyone got any idea on...
  2. breeno

    Who takes the cheap wickets? Australia's bowling summary.

    Who takes the cheap wickets? Australia's bowling summary. Of our 5 main bowlers, I have done a bit of statistical work on who takes wickets of batsmen in the top 7, and who takes the tail end wickets. To start, Nathan Hauritz: 26 of 41 wickets are top 7 batsmen, which is 63%. Peter...
  3. breeno

    Water damage

    Water damage I have a bit of swelling in the toe of my bat due to water getting into it, even though I keep it oiled. Any tips for what I should do? Should I wait for it to dry out and then oil then shoe goo it?
  4. breeno

    Cheap Balls

    Cheap Balls Does anyone know where to get nets quality balls for cheapish? I can order from overseas if you reccomend the balls. I'm looking to get half a dozen or so, and please don't suggest bat breaker balls. I've tried contacting Kookaburra for their missewn balls but I can't find their...
  5. breeno

    The wind has changed at the Magic.

    The wind has changed at the Magic. News has broken out at the Magic camp. Star spinner and Captain, Mousey, and struggling batsman and Captain Breeno, are changing the way they play the game. Mousey, who debuted with the Magic last season, and has since progressed through the ranks to...
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    Magic leadership not pleased.

    Magic leadership not pleased. 9:37 pm Article by Barney Gumble. Tonight, the Magic co captains, Mousey and Breeno, have publicly stated what went on behind closed doors at the Magic home ground. It seems Mousey and Breeno gave the Magic team a bake, including themselves. "We kept the boys...
  7. breeno

    Magic Raring To Go

    Magic Raring To Go Santiago Bernabeu, is home to some of the finest cricketers in the BCFCL. The lush stadium is symbolic of the talent that runs through the veins of the club which calls it home. During the BCFCL break, this is where the Magic spent every day, on a training camp, pushing...
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    New Avatar

    New Avatar Are we liking a little bit of Curtly?
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    Madrid Magic World Round Robin.

    Madrid Magic World Round Robin. Im thinking of getting a round robin going. Wanting to get your thoughts on it. It will consist of: Edges ET's S2F's sensationals Australia Seth Efrica India England. Everyone plays eachother once, 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw, the team with the most...
  10. breeno

    Facing Good Seam Bowling

    Facing Good Seam Bowling The other day, after hitting a cover drive for four, the next ball I was out to almost the exact same ball, bar one exception... It moved a fair bit away from me off the seam. Any tips on facing decent seam bowling?
  11. breeno

    Substitution for getting you knee down to the ball.

    Substitution for getting you knee down to the ball. It runs in my family that when squatting quickly or cramping our knees up quickly our knees lock up, hearing a massive crunch when in pain and having to straighten it for it to unlock. My problem is that, you know in cricket how when you are...
  12. breeno

    "Geelong won't cut it with the Big Boys" -Breeno

    "Geelong won't cut it with the Big Boys" -Breeno Geelong Won't Survive As Breeno, Mousey, The Wizz, Tongs and Madrid Magic Captain Dirk Kuyt were leaving training today, possibly to head to the pub or Biggies place, they were asked a few questions about the new boys in town, Geelong...
  13. breeno

    My ODI World XI

    My ODI World XI Alright my team is as follows: 1. Graeme Smith* 2. Shivnarine Chanderpaul 3. Hashim Amla 4. Mohammad Yousef 5. Chris Gayle 6. Mahendra-Singh Dhoni+ 7. Andrew Flintoff 8. Mitchell Johnson 9. Nathan Bracken 10. Muttiah Muralitharan/Zaheer Khan 11. Ajantha Mendis 12th...
  14. breeno

    South Africa's best XI and Neil Mckenzie.

    South Africa's best XI and Neil Mckenzie. Personally, this guy doesn't look up to standard. Maybe give him the Boxing day test but if he doesn't perform then, I think South Africa should look at dropping him, If Prince is fit. I don't know how Mckenzie has gone this year, and someone correct...
  15. breeno

    Daniel Flynn

    Daniel Flynn This kid is really impressing me and is continuously making runs. The promotion for him was the best thing NZ ever did, star in the making.
  16. breeno

    Your Test World XI?

    Your Test World XI? Alright so this one is for what you think should be the Test world 11. I don't want people arguing over it as it is totally opinion based. Mine would be: G.Smith* G.Gambhir/S.Katich K.Sangakarra+ J.Kallis (Designated all rounder) S.Tendulkar S.Chanderpaul A.Flintoff...
  17. breeno

    Top 5 test pace bowlers at the moment?

    Top 5 test pace bowlers at the moment? I was talking to a few people and because there are so many, no one can really agree on who is in the top 5, I was leaning towards: 1. D.Steyn 2. I.Sharma 3. S.Clark 4. Khan 5. M.Johnson:confused: It's really hard to say as I don't know many from...
  18. breeno

    Nairobi Nuggets vs Kingston Kings First Day Wrap up.

    Nairobi Nuggets vs Kingston Kings First Day Wrap up. This is it, This match saw the Nairobi Nuggets (1st) take on the Kingston Kings (4th) in the test match at the T.O.C.A oval today. The Kingston Kings won the toss and elected to bat on a normal conditioned pitch. Guru and Symonds walked out...
  19. breeno

    Madrid Magic vs Western Wizards first days wrap up.

    Madrid Magic vs Western Wizards first days wrap up. The Madrid Magic are in a commanding position in their test match against the Western Wizards after day one at Santiago Bernabeu oval. The Western Wizards won the toss and decided to bat on terrible bowlers pitch. The Wizards started well...
  20. breeno

    Magic Underperforming?

    Magic Underperforming? After the match today, Breeno was asked a few questions by a reporter. Reporter: Do you regret commenting on the four so called gun recruits earlier today? Breeno: No I don't regret what I said earlier and will say it again. I underperformed, Tongs couldn't have been...