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  1. Patta93

    Looking To Play For A Club In The Melb Eastern Suburbs Area

    Hi guys, Ive recently moved to East Doncaster from the country. I'm looking to play for a club around that area. My ability is fairly average so obviously looking for one that gives its players a go and not too competitive/serious in its lower grades. Any suggestions would be appreciated cheers.
  2. Patta93

    Playing for a premier side in victoria

    Want to know about getting into a premier cricket side in victoria (specfically mcc). Is premier more of an elite competition or can it just be open to lower skill players in 3rds and 4ths? I am already an mcc member so im sought of half way lol.
  3. Patta93

    Hello from an assumption cricketer

    Hi everyone my name is Patrick Harding, im currently in yr11 and i play cricket for acks 3rds cricket team. I may not be the best player out there but i enjoy the fact that i cant represent my school in the agsv competition. Im a very lower order batsmen nd i bowl left arm wrist spin. My...
  4. Patta93

    Left arm wrist spin (chinamen) need help

    I want to know any tips and other ways of improving on my left arm chinamens. My main problem isI cant seem to make it spin back to the leg stump and goes towards the middle instead.