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  1. TomBowler97

    Gopro Video

    Hey Guys, I have been recording with my GoPro of late and have got plenty of footage to edit through, this link is just a preview to probably two of my better balls, will be more to come in a couple of weeks or so. (For quality reasons watch on youtube, and also turn down volume, its a bit of...
  2. TomBowler97

    Some Positive Comeuppance?

    Hi guys, Long time no speak, I havent been on here for a while. You may remember that towards the end of last season, I was relieved of my bowling duties and was picked in the team as an opening batsman. I was told that I wouldnt be bowling and honestly, we didnt put enough on with the bat to...
  3. TomBowler97

    Driving Through With The Hip

    Hi Guys. I have been inactive over the last few weeks but over winter nets I have seem to find an action that consistently works for me. I am getting a great amount of spin and I am also consistently accurate with my line and length. The only issue, which always has been an issue for me is...
  4. TomBowler97

    Help With Dropping Bowling Arm? Yasir Shah...

    Hi Guys, Did some bowling on the driveway yesterday, only bowling from crease position where I practiced dropping my bowling arm so that I wasn't bowling and trying to spin the ball from near my ears, I practiced and also videoed, when it came to the video, I saw my arms was at no different...
  5. TomBowler97

    Onwards And Upwards?

    October half term and 2 weeks off from school, perfect! Last season I had 3 major problems with my bowling, all in the approach which affected my bowling massively. They were, head position, front arm being out (like macgill's video and a few of my videos) and also looking at the crease as I...
  6. TomBowler97

    Advice For A 50 Year Old Looking To Stay Fit.

    Hi Guys, My Dad is 50 this year and is an opening medium pace bowler for our team, he regularly bowls his allocated 12 overs bowling inswingers. He is looking for advice on how to stay fit over the winter, he already bikes 6 miles a day and does a physical job. Any help on this subject with...
  7. TomBowler97

    The Front Arm With The Front Leg.

    If the front arm is to the side of the your head, is the front foot facing straight? If the front arm is in line with your head, is the front foot facing towards fine leg? Which is more beneficial?
  8. TomBowler97

    Some Questions...

    These questions are all related to Leg Spin: 1.How important is the arm speed in creating revolutions on the ball? 2. How to spin the ball hard and not lose flight/ a nice speed? 3. How important is pivoting at the right time? 4. Will bowling slower be easier to get into rhythm and spin the...
  9. TomBowler97

    Please Help Me!

    This is a two way post, 2 questions: 1. How can I stop bowling short balls/drag downs? And why do I bowl them? I bowl them to frequently. 2. How to bowl more genuine leg spinners? I think @Cleanprophet has the same problem as me in that we both bowl leg spinners with more top spin then side...
  10. TomBowler97

    Mason Crane

    What do you guys think of the 18 year old Hampshire spinner Mason Crane? Good action, accurate, turns the ball a long way. Future prospect for England? Good video of him here;
  11. TomBowler97

    New Video! New Idea!

    Hi Guys, Just posted an update video of my bowling (Said what is new at the beginning, may need to pause as it goes rather quick) I have given myself some feedback in the video, but I am looking for other opinions, any help would be appreciated! Mainly concerned with my follow through which...
  12. TomBowler97

    Full Tosses

    A frustration for all bowlers, but why do we bowl them, what goes wrong and how can we stop bowling them? Is it releasing too early, or spinning it up too much, or trying to spin it so hard we bowl it full. How do I stop bowling the full toss?
  13. TomBowler97

    Aspects Of Getting Spin?

    Hi guys, what are these? Feel free to mention any you believe to be reasons to get more spin. Wrist and finger flicking forwards Back of the hand facing our face following through, hands finish next to left hip (if you're right handed) Chest,hips and shoulders driving through Front arm pulling...
  14. TomBowler97

    New Video!

    Hi Guys, New video for batting, really keen to improve my batting so would be great to have some feedback either on here or on the video on youtube itself. Thanks, Tom.
  15. TomBowler97

    New Video!

    Hi guys, new video showing my action- you can see me attempt to give it a rip, my approach, my follow through and the spin on here! Please comment on the video either on here or the video itself because I appreciate any tips or feedback given to me! Thanks, Tom
  16. TomBowler97

    Have You Got This? Have any of you guys got this book? Looking at buying it and wondered if anyone would recommend it and say it's worth a buy. Thanks, Tom.
  17. TomBowler97

    Spinning The Ball

    Hi Guys, I'm abit concerned about how much I am spinning the ball, or more importantly why I am not. In recent weeks I have been promoted up the teams, and so it is a higher level and I become more nervous, I am nervous of dragging the ball down so I don't really rip it hard, and when I do try...
  18. TomBowler97

    Adjusting To Left Handers

    Wondering how my fellow leggies adjust to bowling to Lefties, as I have always had problems bowling the right line and length to them, after consistently bowling at a right hander. My main problem is that its mainly at their toes, or it's a good line and length for an easy dab around the corner...
  19. TomBowler97

    Over Pitching The Ball And Why?

    Hi guys, Recently I have stopped bowling with a 90 degree arm, like an offie and now bowl with about the same height as Shane Warne. It is working really well for me. The spin is better and it is more accurate, with me bowling no full tosses since the change. However 7/10 are right at the...
  20. TomBowler97

    Courage/bravery When Batting?

    Hi Guys, me again! Just wondering if there is a way or something that I can do to stop my backfoot subconsciously moving backwards? You'll see it if you have watched any of my batting vids on YT; Also, anyway to improve courage/bravery? If the ball is at...