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  1. someblokecalleddave

    Batting Stance

    Hello, it seems that two winters of netting on and off seems to be paying off a little and I'm scoring a handful of runs now and then, but also helping the other better batsman by rotating the strike and not getting out - had some nice last wickets stands in the last two years! Last time I...
  2. someblokecalleddave

    Armageddon Or Is It Just The Weather?

    Struth the weather's a bit messed up at the moment here in the UK and seemingly so in your country too! On your national news do you have stories about our messed up weather in the same way our news has stories about yours? Current stories tonight on the tele here in the UK are floods in...
  3. someblokecalleddave

    Bell End

    Is this the end of Ian Bells England career I wonder?
  4. someblokecalleddave

    Sack Bob Willis Campaign (sky Tv)

    Why is he on the program? He's pretty much useless and will be the death of Spin Bowling in England if anyone listens to him. Plus he's a miserable git. Does anyone think he's entertaining? This is a far better response to the situation...
  5. someblokecalleddave

    Explosive Energy Fitness

    As well as playing cricket I surf in the summer when I can and it's pretty much recognised that when you get older, you can't compete on the same terms as younger blokes when paddling for a wave. They have better explosive energy at the point where a massive amount of energy and effort is...
  6. someblokecalleddave

    Moeen Ali - Fastest To 50 Test Wickets

    At last they're all beginning to see that Moeen Ali is a top bowler. Apparently on SKY tonight... fastest English spinner to 50 in just over 2000 or so balls whereas that singing comedian took in excess of 3000 balls to reach his 50. Go Mo!
  7. someblokecalleddave

    Warne Keen To Mentor Adil Rashid

    "I’d love to work with Rashid if the opportunity arose - 100 per cent," Warne said yesterday while spruiking his upcoming Cricket All-Stars series of former greats that will be played in the United States next month. "There’s been a lot of spinners I’ve helped over the years and I’m more than...
  8. someblokecalleddave

    Hunting As A Pack - "bowling Unit"

    I frequently here that Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad either "bowl as a unit" or "hunt in packs". What does that mean? Anyone got any examples or do you do it yourself and what does it involve? Who instigates it and do you discuss what you're doing in the field between overs?
  9. someblokecalleddave

    Consistent And Repeatable Action - Spin Bowling.

    8 Years into my wrist spin journey and only now have I realised the importance of this. My run up over the years has changed so many times. Initially focusing on the 8 step Shane Warne approach, I did that, but the bowled off the wrong foot with a skip like Titch Freeman. The skip took all of...
  10. someblokecalleddave

    Max Waller (somerset, England) Wrist Spinner

    Just watching Max Waller taking some wickets on sky. Two of them out the back of the hand (mixed seam top-spinner), the batsmen watching it doing commentary haven't got a clue - calling it a Googly, ones just corrected himself saying that it doesn't really turn and that it's more of a...
  11. someblokecalleddave

    What's The Worst Incident You've Seen In A Cricket Match?

    This is abuse/violence/dissent etc? What was the outcome of it?
  12. someblokecalleddave

    Spin Bowling Accuracy Drills season we (My son Joe who's an Offie) and I started to use a bit of old carpet to bowl onto for length accuracy. Towards the end of the season we developed the idea and spray painted strips onto it to...
  13. someblokecalleddave

    Pravin Tambe

    This could only happen in Spin Bowling! somehow I missed this bloke, just watching the RR's now, can't wait to see him in action and as they're all saying about him, what a bloke and what an example to any older bloke who fancies...
  14. someblokecalleddave

    What Made You Decide To Be A Spin-bowler?

    This is a question I'm looking at and considering discussing on my Leg-break bowling page on my main blog. What makes us decide to become spin-bowlers and then another question were you encouraged to bowl spin from the very start? If so why and were the people that directed you to do so skilled...
  15. someblokecalleddave

    Don Bradman Cricket 14

    Anyone got this on XBOX 360, is it as good as they're saying it is?
  16. someblokecalleddave

    Michael Clarke - Hamstring End Of His Career?

    Whoa! What the hell? Honestly, at his age given that he must be under the most capable body of physio's around, surely this can't be? The incident looked so innocuous? Anyone able to explain in more detail? If he was over-weight and not fit, I could comprehend, but at his age and given the...
  17. someblokecalleddave

    Stephanie Roche - Goal Of The Year 2014 Vote For Her

    Check this out for a goal... I'm looking for the link so I can vote for her, I'll post it once I've found it.
  18. someblokecalleddave

    Support For Sean Abbott

    Phil Hughes's death is an awful tragedy and no doubt all of us feel for his family and mates. But at the same time we all need to support Sean Abbott. Abbott needs to know that the world is with him at this moment and that we all hope that somehow he's able to come to terms with what has...
  19. someblokecalleddave

    Not In The Spirit Of The Game

    Anyone heard of teams coming to blows on the cricket pitch or later in the changing rooms? I know Jimmy Anderson was accused of having a dig at one of the Indian players in the test series just gone, but that's nothing compared to matches played at my home town in Tilbury, Essex (England)...
  20. someblokecalleddave

    Adil Rashid

    Any thoughts, views and news on Adil Rashid, especially if you're Yorkshire follower and you've got some inside info on him. Getty Image. Sounds like, the last two seasons under Jason Gillespie he's started to get his act together and is now looking at being a part of the England set-up in the...