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  1. Lenny Brasco

    State Junior Squads

    Well its that time of year when most states have picked there junior squads. Lets have a look at the VIC 17's: Victoria Country Under-17 National Championships squad (Name - Current Club, Pathway Region, Skill) Max Cairns - Rye CC, South East Country Sharks, RAFM & RHB Brody Couch -...
  2. Lenny Brasco

    Vic Premier 15/16

    Some big names on the move to new clubs: Lidgett, James GK to Ess Mire, Solomon Ess to Ncte Adams, Rhys Prah to MT Hancock, Jake Carl to Prah And the biggest loss for the upcoming season will be Jake Haberfield departing Footscray and returning to South Australia. Trent Lawford is a great...
  3. Lenny Brasco


    Hi All I have recently started my own cricket brand called Elite-Cricket. The equipment is of the highest quality with our bats individually designed and hand crafted in Australia and our softs as good as anything on the market. Have a look and any feedback would be greatly appreciated...
  4. Lenny Brasco

    Vic Premier Cricket 13/14

    With Dan Christian to Richmond is there any word on his former SA team mate Jake Haberfield who im told is heading to Melbourne? Any other players coming and going from Premier clubs?
  5. Lenny Brasco

    Australain U/19 Championships 2012/13

    The championships start in Tasmania tomorrow, there are always kids in these championships that go on to play for Australia. Im Tipping WA, with the likes of Agar, Bosisto and look out for there keeper Morgan who is a hard hitting left hander who recently competed in the 17's carnival...
  6. Lenny Brasco

    Vic 15's 2012-13

    Who will make the cut for this years School boys team? Blake Thomson & Ryan Quirk will no doubt make the squad, any other nominations?
  7. Lenny Brasco

    Victorian Pathway Program

    The U/18's are start the semi-finals today and the 14's & 16's start next week. The standouts in the 18's have been Dandy keeper and former Australian School boy rep Dylan Quirk who has made 4 50's on the trot & with the ball Werribee all rounder Braydon Koch with 10 wickets @ around 11. Any...
  8. Lenny Brasco

    Victorian Selection

    The time has come for Victoria to look for a new spinner. Jon Holland has played 23 first class games for 57 wickets @ 45.37. I no they have the part time spin of Maxwell and White has taken 6 wickets in the current shield game but we need a wicket taking spinner. For me Clive Rose must be...
  9. Lenny Brasco

    Big Bash What is evryone thoughts on the new BIGBASH and anyone want to put a figure on any players?
  10. Lenny Brasco

    Australian Junior Indoor Cricket Championships 2011

    The junior nationals start in under two weeks. Quuensland are always strong at every carnival, are there any states that can knock them off?