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    Vtca 2013/14 Player Movements?

    Ian Hewett's connections at Richmond CC continue to assist the sharks with the recent signing of Andrew Delmont. Played half dozen first class matches for SA few years back.
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    Vtca 2012/13 Player Movements

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    South Division 2011/12

    Teaser the crowd Pleaser. Has won numerous awards as being the #1 curator in the VTCA for his work at the Old Mentonians fields.
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    General Chat 2011/12

    Anyone know what ever happened to Craig "the Iceman" Anderson, ripping bloke in the VTCA for a number of years
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    Anyone Know Of Any Moves Or Signings For The 2011/12 Season???

    Read returning to Melbourne is news itself...bloke is an animal!!
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    Senior Division 10/11

    Back to the cricket side of things...been an interesting last couple of years in Snr Division, with the likes of Doutta and Keilor being relegated to North Division after big stretches in the top. Also, the South teams becoming competitive again. What are peoples thoughts on the promoted Hoppers...
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    Best Sledge heard this season in VTCA

    Not really a sledge, but funny story. During Cockbain's 136 where he had a period of sweeping the Brighton skipper he came up and said "You're just a little arrogant F*$%^er aren't you?". To which he replies, "if you weren't being such a negative S%*&bag bowling a foot outside off stump to an...
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    South Division 10/11

    They have Russell Arnold playing for them, they may have some serious freight in the bank.
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    South Division 10/11

    Sounds like he is quite keen to get out of there 8 Ball, some big departures over the last two years at Brighton if this is the case. As for his stats for this year, not setting the world on fire - therfore may put him into the budget of the upcoming, dominant Melbourne Super Kings in the Sunday...
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    2010 / 11 general chat.

    If the rain doesn't stop us this weekend the locusts will. Does the VTCA have a locust policy in place?
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    South Division 10/11

    Cheltenham must have realised that Bright bowls off the wrong foot therefore should not be getting wickets. Only bowling 1 over seemed it was beneficial for them. Cheetham has gone home to UK.
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    South A and B 2010/2011

    Shining light over the weekend for Aspendale was Tim "Yowie" Yeowart, with his 40*. Been a loyal servant to the Aspendale boys over the years, smokey for the team of the year.
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    2010 / 11 general chat.

    Spot on. I wonder if players were consulted with this decision or just left up to the president et al to make the decision for them, seems quite ridiculous as I think it's a good pitch to attract younger players to clubs.
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    2010 / 11 general chat.

    Does anyone know why Yarraville Club do not partake in the VTCA Twenty20 competition? Being the premier club of the VTCA for the last 5 or so years, would have thought they would be highly involved in this.
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    South Division 10/11

    Any comments from the completed matches thus far? Beauy, Port and Chelsea looking good surprise packet has been Old Mentonians for mine. Loss of Cheetam for Cheltenham will no doubt hurt their plans. Not a bad game for Saker for Beauy first up rocks up opens bat and ball.
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    South Division 10/11

    re: South Division 10/11 just goes to show that the captains report at the end of the match does sfa! Both bentleigh and beauys grounds/wicket would have been getting good marks which has all accounted to nothing, as neither are now being used for finals
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    VTCA Twenty20 Trophy

    Re: VTCA Twenty20 Trophy Anyone pop down to watch the final yesterday? Who was the winner in the end?
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    South Division 10/11

    re: South Division 10/11 if only hampton could play cricket as well as they do post.
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    South Division 10/11

    re: South Division 10/11 Good to see Boyle's move from Keilor finaly playing dividends for Port. Once labelled as the sharpest bowler in the VTCA (going back some years now), a 7 fa any day of the week will help.
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    South Division 10/11

    re: South Division 10/11 Interesting to see Richard Hewitt play for Beauy twos last week. Anyone know if he is committed to play anymore, and the level that he has played at? If he is anywhere as good as his brother could help beauy come finals time.