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    India's Spirit Of Cricket

    Regarding the Ian Bell runout: Does it surprise anyone that India would not be playing in the spriit of the game unless they had a whole tea break to think about it and also a visit from the opposition captain and coach?
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    Player Points System Review

    What do you guys think about the player points system? On the surface it sounds like a good idea, but I think it needs to be better worded and some of the points further thought through. It does not sound like it was written by a lawyer (thank goodness), but it should be recognised that whoever...
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    One Nation Destroying Cricket???

    Do you think that a one nation dominance of cricket's politics and finances is destroying our game that we cherish???
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    Advertising Here - Please Don't Infect The Other Threads With Advertising!!!

    I think we should boycott any supplier that infect any of the regular threads with their ads! (this thread is started in direct response to FLIP).
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    Anyone Know Of Any Moves Or Signings For The 2011/12 Season???

    Anyone know of any moves or signings for the 2011/12 season???