DVCA Off-Season 2022

Artie Bucco

Active Member
Seriously you have nothing better to do than troll through team selections.

Clearly you haven’t looked at the past weeks selections.

Why wouldn’t a club try and save a team from relegation if it’s done within the rules.

No one is complaining about Mark Minney playing in Eltham’s 2’s to help them stay up. Not that I have any issue.

You and Artie are very good at throwing pies, I’m still waiting for the list of players we dropped to win a low grade Grand Final at the expense of higher grades.

Orwill I waiting for the same posts next year.

You are both more predictable than Melbourne’s weather.

Don't mention me, I couldn't care less I merely point out the obvious and you've taken it to heart cause its true. Maybe you should do your club a favour and start looking for players that can be competitive in Money Shield or you'll be looking at double relegation with the current crop.