Steve Smith as skipper again yes or no?


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I would like to know if you want Steve Smith as our skipper again?

Why? I think he should be given the captaincy as he knows a few things and is willing to listen to everyone.

I also think that just because he got given a ban that he should be given another go.

Ricky Ponting was given a ban once in his life for being out at a nightclub and getting drunk.
Didn't affect his captaincy.


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This has been going around the social media in Australia.
The overwhelming consensus is NO.

My thoughts.
He held the most prestigious sporting position in Australia and he brought it into disgrace, there is no going back from that. It is different in other countries as that position is not (seemingly) held in as higher regard as it is in Australia.
He can redeem himself by his actions as a player for the rest of his career but he must not be given the captaincy or vice. Once his career is over then all bets are off and he can go coach and captain in the IPL and whatever.