V8 Supercars 2010


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V8 Supercars 2010

A few rounds in and the points are as such:

1  	[COLOR="Red"]Jamie Whincup[/COLOR]   	 1071
2 	[COLOR="Blue"]James Courtney[/COLOR] 	          867
3 	[COLOR="Blue"]Mark Winterbottom[/COLOR] 	  810
4 	[COLOR="Red"]Lee Holdsworth[/COLOR] 	          771
5 	[COLOR="Blue"]Shane van Gisbergen[/COLOR] 	  726
6 	[COLOR="Red"]Garth Tander[/COLOR] 	          723
7 	[COLOR="Red"]Rick Kelly[/COLOR] 	          722
8 	[COLOR="Red"]Craig Lowndes [/COLOR]	          720
9 	[COLOR="Red"]Michael Caruso[/COLOR] 	          702
10 	[COLOR="Red"]Paul Dumbrell [/COLOR]	          618
The Fords are coming along pretty strongly for a manufacturer with half the amount of cars as the other this season.

Was at the Ipswich 300 today, saw the big crash that saw a mini go into the crowd, scary moment.

What manufacturer/driver do you support?


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Re: V8 Supercars 2010

The points table after Race 10 at Ipswich:

1  	[COLOR="Red"]Jamie Whincup[/COLOR]   	 1191
2 	[COLOR="Blue"]James Courtney[/COLOR] 	          1167
3 	[COLOR="Blue"]Shane van Gisbergen[/COLOR] 	  984
4 	[COLOR="Red"]Garth Tander[/COLOR] 	          972
5 	[COLOR="Red"]Craig Lowndes [/COLOR] 	  969
6 	[COLOR="Red"]Rick Kelly[/COLOR] 	          908
7 	[COLOR="Red"]Lee Holdsworth[/COLOR] 	          903
8 	[COLOR="Blue"]Mark Winterbottom[/COLOR]	          894
9 	[COLOR="Red"]Michael Caruso[/COLOR] 	          834
10 	[COLOR="Blue"]Steven Johnson[/COLOR]	          794


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Re: V8 Supercars 2010

The points table after Race 12 at Winton for all those interested:

1  	[COLOR="Blue"]James Courtney[/COLOR]   	  1467
2 	[COLOR="Red"]Jamie Whincup[/COLOR] 	          1353
3 	[COLOR="Red"]Craig Lowndes[/COLOR] 	          1245
4 	[COLOR="Blue"]Shane van Gisbergen[/COLOR] 	  1164
5 	[COLOR="Red"]Garth Tander[/COLOR] 	          1116
6 	[COLOR="Red"]Lee Holdsworth[/COLOR] 	          1110
7 	[COLOR="Red"]Rick Kelly[/COLOR] 	          1079
8 	[COLOR="Blue"]Mark Winterbottom[/COLOR]	  1056
9 	[COLOR="Red"]Michael Caruso[/COLOR] 	          1035
10 	[COLOR="Blue"]Steven Johnson[/COLOR]	           932
The sprint tires are a gift from heaven. I watch a lot of motor racing and now this is easily the most exciting and best to watch. Those tires are brilliance.


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Re: V8 Supercars 2010

I have to admit, V8 Supercar racing has gotten fairly boring over the past few seasons and my interest has fallen away. I used to follow the series quite closely but now I have a passing interest. I still want Holden to win everything however. I always watch Bathurst every year but other than that, most of my news and watching of the sport comes from news highlights.

The sport needs a bit of a tune-up in my opinion. The amount of Fords in the field has dwindled and the sport in general is run poorly not to mention Channel 7's sub-par telecasts. News of Ford potentially pulling out of the series hasn't helped either.

I much prefer to watch Formula 1 and NASCAR.


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Re: V8 Supercars 2010

I think even the last couple of seasons without the sprint tire or any of the new innovations were some of the best races in the world, simply because of the fact these cars are hard to race.

They are very heavy and hard to control, and that means mistakes are more likely to occur. When you have everyone tip-toeing around but with large points advantages for just that one more spot, you get competitive and close racing.

The best thing is this series has some of the strongest cars. I used to love watch all open wheel racing until I just couldn't stand their fragility. One little bump and you are out of the race, and although it makes it harder and you have to be more skilled, damn it makes it boring. Touring cars are that much better to watch, I think the best series I have ever seen are the little Aussie racing cars, matchbox things that just get to 150 km/h, but you can fit four wide around a corner, and they aren't hesitant to try.

Formula One has turned into a time trial event. Being able to pass a car doesn't matter anymore, whichever team has the most money to invest in setup wins. I haven't watched this season because of last year's dreadful season. I can't stand when one team wins constantly simply because their car set up is right. The Vodafone team in the V8s have been very dominant, but still Whincup and Lowndes are challenged each race, and then the second best team is just above the rest of the pack, not in daylight like them. That doesn't happen in F1, you have a couple of teams way ahead of the pack and they win every race. This season it's a race between the Red Bull team, nothing else.

With the V8s there is a lot more bump and grind and very close racing, as in the literal sense. Even at the end of 200km they are only a couple of car lengths apart and with the sprint tires you have them all jostling for position still.

NASCAR I like watching, but it has a very 'American' feel about it with the commercialism and whatnot. Also after 400 laps on a ring...

A few years ago I wouldn't have said it, but even now I think the V8s are passed the quality that some of the European touring car championships put out. It's a very high level to get at, and I think they have reached it. After races, particularly if you go down to the track to watch, you are unable to breathe until the race is over.

Well done I say.


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Re: V8 Supercars 2010

Kram81;400372 said:
Too many bogans follow this sport..
And what main sport do you follow? :p

After Rugby League, Motorsport (which is almost fully the V8s) is the second most watched over television in the country. AFL gets the most in house watchers and televised combined, but it's not like many can get down to the sold out race tracks with limited seats and that are far from most cities, so everyone watches it on TV. League is helped out by the Final and three State of Origins being pretty much finals, so it gets a lot of viewers from those four, otherwise AFL would be above them as weekly games get nowhere near the viewers (not far behind as it is).

That's a lot of bogans...


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Re: V8 Supercars 2010

The points table after Townsville:

1  	[COLOR="Blue"]James Courtney[/COLOR]   	  1947
2 	[COLOR="Red"]Jamie Whincup[/COLOR] 	          1827
3 	[COLOR="Blue"]Mark Winterbottom[/COLOR] 	  1623
4 	[COLOR="Blue"]Shane van Gisbergen[/COLOR] 	  1598
5 	[COLOR="Red"]Garth Tander[/COLOR] 	          1509
6 	[COLOR="Red"]Craig Lowndes[/COLOR] 	          1479
7 	[COLOR="Red"]Lee Holdsworth[/COLOR] 	          1398
8 	[COLOR="Red"]Rick Kelly[/COLOR]	          1056
9 	[COLOR="Red"]Michael Caruso[/COLOR] 	          1249
10 	[COLOR="Blue"]Steven Johnson[/COLOR]	          1151