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I think that you need more people to get onto social media and get this site active.
There are stacks of cricket fans out there in the world.
Also get yourselves onto Patreon which helps with supporters and memberships


Accuracy in your articles surely should be your Number 1 priority
Recently in your article Should England Select James Anderson for the 2021/22 Ashes Series? this ridiculous statistic was quoted

"According to figures from HowStat, in 842 matches in England, the 38-year-old has taken 384 wickets. Away, on the other hand, his record sits at 222 in 592 games. While still impressive,"

384 wickets in 842 matches is impressive? 222 wickets from 592 games away?

I think it is time to get someone who can actually read stats

Jimmy Anderson has not played 842 matches in England, but he has bowled 842 maiden overs, but I do understand that the M in Howstats could be misinterpreted by the "uneducated in cricket" as meaning Matches, but those that do know cricket can tell you it is maidens. For some reason I have been finding more questionable statements lately in your articles, and it has diminished in it's quality. You should rectify this as this sort of mistake is not what you would expect from knowledgeable journalists, you do have to admit it is embarrassing.

Edit: I've just re-read the article "Regarding Australia specifically, Anderson has often performed well Down Under. As per ESPN Cricinfo, the 38-year-old averages 29.3 against Australia, which is below his total overseas average." INCORRECT AGAIN

Jimmy Anderson averages 34.56 overall against Australia and in Australia he averages 35.43 and that is from ESPN if you are mentioning them quote them correctly. https://www.espncricinfo.com/player/james-anderson-8608/bowling-batting-stats. Do you worry about legals at all? The 29.3 average is against India in India. Time to go to "Specsavers"

But the really embarrassing thing for you is the latest error makes the entire article contradictory and ridiculous. I hope you didn't pay money for that article, it is obviously written by someone that has minimal understanding of cricket.

Edit 2: If you alter the article do I get paid as an editor? And yes I know you will delete my post to hide the shame.
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