Ball Tampering


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In the current atmosphere of the worst sort of cheating (pre-meditated) the whole ball tampering issue has some history. The link is to a list of recent issues but really is it the end of the world or is it the most unacceptable behaviour.

Personally, i want Smith sacked and banned from Cricket full stop. As i said this was pre-meditated cheating not a spur of the moment act or an act of ignorance. Poor Bancroft needs to go back to shield and have a long few years think about it. If any of the others such as Warner and Lyon were involved then long suspensions need to be set.

We love playing it hard, all the sledging and antics are nothing if you maintain the high moral ground. All the sorrys in the world will not do it and the crowds will not forgive. Time for a big do over for this team and some humble pie for a couple of years.
It isn't the end of the world but it is unacceptable behaviour. It's almost comical how people are going ballistic on social media over what has been done. But there are worse things that people can do on a cricket field. Any act of violence is worse. Drug taking to gain an advantage is probably at least as bad. Personally, I think sledging when it descends to personal abuse or vilification is also worse.

However, I would like to see some meaningful penalties for once. Fining players a percentage of their match fee when they are on multi-million dollar incomes is beyond ludicrous. As an administrator in community cricket, we seem to be endlessly fighting a tide of bad behaviour that finds its way down from Test cricket. I am open-minded about penalties but hope they get a suspension of 3 or 4 matches or up to 6 months. Smith needs to be stripped of the captaincy and never get it back. Same for Warner. Lehmann also needs to be sacked. In fact, anyone connected with the team that knew about it needs to be suspended or sacked. As your link shows, there have been numerous incidents of ball tampering and no one has been suspended as far as I can tell. Maybe it's about time that cricket officials took a stand with this.


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Hey thought everyone had deserted this site. Well i tend to agree. the whole issue is becoming tiresome. Tend to feel that the right thing has been done but those that are crying the hardest (Cricket SA, the media and politicians) are the very ones that are not getting the lesson from the quick and clear message of the suspensions and loss of career. Does anyone really believe for a minute that SA cricket are not the leaders of cheat? three cases of ball tampering and a history of sledging that is equal to our own topped with may i say it "Hansie" the ultimate cheat, but there was never any collusion or co-operation?(yea right)
Let's lay the same standard on our politicians and the media, dout more than 10% of the bullshit artists would have a job tomorrow. Smith and warner got what they deserved, Hanscombe is a bit hard done by but that's justice. Many others in our great game have got away scott free with much, India over the last few years have made absolute fools of themselves and not paid a penny, Tendulkar had the gaul to comment after he was done for tampering a few years back. Really lets get some perspective and some real justice.
Yes, some very good points here. Du Plessis was caught rubbing a mintie on the ball but that's ok because AB De Villiers said "we are not cheats". Well that's all right then!! And yes I have casually pondered Hansie Cronje a little over the last week or two. Still a revered cricketer in SA (for some reason, he has a very mediocre record) yet was involved in match fixing for years, from which he profited.

Personally I thought the penalties were a bit harsh, with Warner and Smith getting 12 months. But given the public outcry and the fact that a major sponsor has already withdrawn their support, perhaps it's fair enough after all.

I'm a little surprised that more hasn't been said about the crowd behaviour in this Test series. Warner has been targeted a few times about his wife, firstly from De Kock then some random idiot when Warner was leaving the ground, then a whole section of the crowd at one match were wearing Sonny Bill Williams masks. SACB don't seem too fussed about doing anything about these things. But I suppose they took an interest when Rabada was suspended for bumping Smith. Rabada should have served a suspension. I mean really, when a bowler dismisses a batsman, how hard is it to avoid making physical contact?


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I see the high and almighty comments are still coming on this subject from the culpable media and wise former cricketers like Warne and Clarke. Two enquiries but the CEO seems to think he is immune, and what was that? Micheal Clarke intermating he will make a come back, really? Clarke lead a team that behaved just as poorly and if we want to look back and think of where this all started, let's try Alan Border and the 1989 tour of England with Captain Grumpy. I remember all the old days with the shenanigans of the teams and the games they played, but Border made the great change. No more mates and funny games on the field or off for that matter. No more Lillie and Marsh placing bets for Australia to lose in a test they were playing in, No more getting Dougie from the motel because he is next in to bat, oh no, its all serious and cut throat from here. Well that was the birth of the modern game, the no holes bared attack. It seemed alright when we were so good and world beaters but now, mmm, not so good. We should also remember some of the vial acts of other teams, particularly India that have out done themselves over the past decade with ball tampering, the infamous monkey incident and even spitting on each other. Yes this whole mess is out of control and out of proportion. Leaves me feeling lost to the game really.


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I think that what Australia did to the three gents was a good thing.
Sri Lanka seem to be having the same issues with ball tampering at the moment but they don't do anything.
Maybe they should go a bit further and make it more of a lesson for these guys to learn rather than doing didley squat.