Off Season

Anyone have any ideas on how to work on your batting during the off season..
Its hard to get bowlers to bowl to you during the off season. i have got about one guy that can give me bowls but i sort on want to improve on the technical side of batting.


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Do what I did when I was a kid and throw a golf ball against a brick wall from about 5-6 yards and then defend it. Concrete or tarmac floor works best. Bradman did this with a stump, but I recommend giving yourself a fair chance and using an actual bat. Throw it as hard as you can.
actually i do have a thing that i brought called the eye in.
it is a small cricket ball (bit bigger width than a wicket) and a string and there is also a golf ball on the string i can use this but it is only really good for drives. not really cross bat shots. Will try it out using the golf ball.
in New Zealand it is coming up to the cricket season so can't wait...gone to the nets twice and batting pretty good.
seriously pumped for the season