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aka Jessica the pom 🤗
A river. I was heading towards the ocean when that shot was taken. About 10 hrs from memory.
Dead set I will never return to the Philippines as their poverty is widespread and air pollution is beyond comprehenion. I was in a cramped open windowed bus for two hours in the most appalling pollution traveling from the interior back to Cebu City. I felt physically sick when I arrived at my hotel.
That sounds dreadful. I wouldn't go to any countries like that. I like to travel around our coastal resorts and travel around Europe.


aka Jessica the pom 🤗
I only chose that place and Thailand because of low prices. The Aussie dollar/local currency at the time made it a no brainer. Four star hotel.. 100 Aussie dollars for five days inc full breakfast and dinner. With a couple of excursions thrown in.
What were the meals like Richie?


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Getting rid of stalking members who think it's funny to abuse others on other forums as well will help.

Especially those who continue to follow you around when you have them on ignore.