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    Aug 21, 2014

    And another analysis, this time Nathan Lyon.
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    Apr 8, 2017
    Hi Max,
    I've been thinking about what is really important regarding learning and have the following thoughts to offer.

    These are the habits that I have found to be the most effective in learning and improving your cricket skills and understanding. If you can ingrain these habits into your charges or even adopt them yourself then they/you will become the player who will go closest to achieving their/your full potential.

    These are my 10 commandments on how to improve your game.

    1. Have personal goals

    What do you want to achieve from playing cricket. What do you want to learn or improve? How you get there is where goals are important. Unless you have a goal, then how will you ever know if you have really achieved anything?
    Setting your own goals is generally the most effective way to use them. Setting your own goals means you have ownership and greater motivation to achieve them than goals set by someone else. However, goals set by other people can be just as powerful if they either match your aspiration or address areas that you may not have considered.

    Aim high and you have a chance of getting get there. Aim low and you almost certainly will.

    2. Have inner drive, be curious, open-minded and analytical

    Anyone who wants to be good at anything needs that inner drive. You need to be curious to investigate different training techniques, facilities and information that are available to help you improve. You need to be open minded to consider different ideas, opinions and advice you will receive along the way. This doesn’t mean that you have to accept them. Sift through them and select the ones you feel will benefit you most. If you keep hearing things you once rejected then it is probably time to reassess.

    3. Develop resilience and a growth mindset

    You have to have an attitude that will set you along the path of personal improvement. You need to have resilience, because along the way you will suffer setbacks and disappointments. Your ability to keep going and to work on your skill and understanding and to continue to try and improve will often be the thing that sets you apart from other players.

    4. Be willing to take risks and experiment.

    Risk and experimentation can lead to success or failure. Success can rocket your improvement along by leaps and bounds. There is nothing wrong with failing. It can often be your greatest learning experience. Failure can lead to greater understanding in ways you might not expect and can often lead to much greater understanding than success. No one got anywhere in life without failing. Don’t be afraid of failing, but be determined to learn from it.

    5. Deliberately practise skills you currently lack.

    The fastest way to improve your game is to work on the things that need to be improved. If your cover drive is great, don’t spend as much time working on it as say, your poor pull shot or back foot defence.

    It’s no good having the best cover drive in the world if bowlers work out that the short ball is your weakness and pinning you back in the crease will soon lead to a quick wicket. Work hard to make your current weaknesses, your strengths in the future.

    6. Engage and collaborate with purpose

    Use the people who want to help you, your coach, teammates, mentor, friends and parents. Talk to them, discuss anything and everything. Talk to your coach about what you want to achieve and how you might go about it or what he saw in your practice session or in the last game. Talk to your practice partners. How did you find my bowling, what was my most difficult ball, I’m going to work on my loop or etc. can you give me some feedback at the end of the session. Talk to your mentor for advice, feedback and the wisdom of his experience. Your friends and parents about anything because they will probably understand you better than anyone else. They really do love you and will want you to succeed.

    7. Make an effort to think critically.

    Analyse and evaluate everything you hear, do and experience. You will receive a lot of crap that will be of no benefit at all. You have to be able to examine and sort through everything you experience and hear to determine what is best for your development

    8. Use questions and seek feedback to move your understanding forward

    Ask questions about things you want to know, want to improve or understand, to everyone you value. Never be afraid to hear things that are not complementary, after all you do want honest answers.

    9. Transfer knowledge into new areas

    This is the pinnacle of learning, if you can do this you are on the way to success. Once you learn something and then realise that it can be applied to another area it will significantly speed up your development.
    Not just for cricket, this applies to every aspect of your life.

    10. Become a lucky person.

    Become aware that you can significantly improve your luck. Most importantly you have to realise that luck is directly related to effort. Luck improves exponentially in relation to how hard you work to improve yourself.
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    Aug 21, 2014
    This is awesome! Love this advice. Also applicable to most aspects of life, not just cricket.
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