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  • ah ... sanity has reemerged. Would you send me some pics of the completed projected. I can only imagine your thoughts on the Argus report ... and yes the blogs have died :)
    Should be. But meh.

    BigSoccer is starting to track pretty well in my forums with me being able to be pretty hands off. Thought it was time for a new challenge when MC asked me.
    I'm going to leave it there cap. Putting that post in the Aus in Eng thread will make the thread come across as too-Australia focused. We've copped criticism in the past about BC being too Australia-based so we're trying to get away from that.

    Gbatman's post is good and I'd rather it stay there and be a thread for Australian supporters to voice their opinions about their own team for the Ashes series.
    I'll set something up later today or tonight. Will be getting Ashes threads going on the Ashes board also.
    Good idea with the draft. Being an architect, you would have loved the Buildings Draft we did on BS a few years ago. Should check out the threads on it sometime.
    Yes same here. Cricket grandy on sat final day and we need 6 wickets they need 100 runs. Should be a good game. Its been 14 years since our clubs first's have won the premiership, we have been underfeated and so stand a bloody good chance. I don't think I will be seen for a week if we win . fingers crossed
    yeah sounds good mate you start up a thread, perhaps in the General cricket chat, would make it easier to see it going on. Will generate interest, anythign to help us out
    sure mate, how does this draft work? my timeon the net is limited at the moment but I could get on here and there when required
    I would think so. Hoping to get some threads on squads, fixtures and news in there over the next few weeks.
    just think of me with long hair and an aluminium bat waiting to hit troublesome users
    Yeah I probably will. I told him in the message that you asked me about coming back. (I know you didn't but I am hoping that you can help me out with this.)
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