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    Tendulkar Scores His 100th International Century

    Tendulkar has the record of highest scores and centuries in the world. He was the best cricketer and now he got retirement from cricket.
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    Delhi Out To Settle Scores With Pune

    Delhi loss this match?
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    Pakistan In Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe has showed the good performance in Cricket match with the Pakistan But I think, Pakistan will win the whole the series due to strong position.
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    Can India Reach The Asia Cup Final ?

    It is very difficult for India to reach in the Asia cup. Because Indian team is not showing the good performance.
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    Indian Cricket Team's Schedule After Ipl 2012?

    I think, that is changes need in schedule. Because it is not right time for the series.
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    Pomersbach To Appear In Indian Court

    Pomersbach must reach in indian court. Because there are many crimes on him.
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    Indian Selectors, And Indian Cricket Today.

    Indian selectors are not right today as previous. They select the team without watching the experience. So, the position of Indian cricket is going down.
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    Is This The Best Opening Pair For India

    I think, The best pair of India is Dravid and Sachin. Both are good players for the team.
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    Will India Win The Upcoming Series Against Zimbabwe

    Yes, India will win the series from Zimbabwe. Because The team of India is tough.
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    IPL Standings for 2010 edition

    Mumbai Indians team is on the top. It is also best team in India due to good players.
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    Indian Test Team Selection Thread

    India should to select their team honestly to win the matches.
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    Hi All!

    Hello everyone i am new to this website my name is jaheen ali and i am from Islamabad doing my BSc in computer science from VU university.Nice to meeting you all.