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    Modifications To Junior Cricket Playing Conditions

    Here in the UK, I'm not aware of it having been changed. My initial gut reaction is that it's not good, but I suppose with kids being given phones at increasingly younger ages these days, they're going become increasingly less physical and the shortening of the wicket is probably a good idea...
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    Wrist Spin Bowling (part Five)

    Strewth this really has been killed off.
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    Wrist Spin Bowling (part Five)

    Not much happening on here - if anyone is looking in you might want to have a look at my blog. It's something you might consider doing yourself perhaps in a simpler form...
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    The Googly

    Learn the Top-Spinner first - get that nailed and you'll see the potential for the Googly from there. Don't practice the Googly endlessly or you'll lose your leg-break (Googly syndrome).
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    Wrist Spin Bowling (part Five)

    Similarly, sorry about the late response. Happy New year! The ball you describe as dropping shorter and bouncing higher sounds like the approach that you need to be pursuing and perhaps as you've inferred, if they batting properly, they're not looking to give you good feed-back, they're just...
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    Wrist Spin Bowling (part Five)

    I've not watched the video, but the secret to a good faster delivery is to ensure that you're also spinning it hard - possibly harder because of the speed. If the amount of spin you put on the ball is consistent, and you simply bowl the ball faster you might find that you spin it less as a by...
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    How to practice Bowling Googly

    Can you bowl a good Top Spinner? You need to learn that first, it's far too much of a leap to go from Leg_breaks to Googly's. Get a good consistent Top-Spinner first and you'll know what to do next as it's just a progression of going around the loop.
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    Straight Fast Ball As Flipper (leg Spin Bowling)

    Yeah this is definitely a good idea all the time your playing at a level where the batsmen don't read the ball out of the hand and react to it. The Flippers not that hard to learn, there's a million and one videos on it. Look at the Warne and Jenner videos and learn the one that has your thumb...
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    Leg Spin Accuracy Progression

    Yeah just go with whatever seems to work, as long as you're not injuring yourself and you're getting the ball to land in the areas you want with a decent bit of spin on it. I'm forever changing things up, less so now having been doing this for 10 years, but at the end of the summer having bowled...
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    Wrist Spin Bowling (part Five)

    Yeah I guess so.
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    Wrist Spin Bowling (part Five)

    Here's a question. How unethical is it to get to a ground early or the day before and bowl a couple of balls across the wicket landing the ball in the zone you'll be bowling in? Not along the wicket... From the side - say from point of square leg just to see if it spins or not before the game?
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    Leg Spin Accuracy Progression

    Have a look at this - I find this helps
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    Wrist Spin Bowling (part Five)

    Rest up, eat well, do the physio. I don't know anything about this injury, but look into whether sitting in an ice bath will help. Not nice, but if it's in a part of the body where this will accelerate the healing the pain might be worth it?:
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    How Do You Train?

    Our clubs nets were useless for spinners who toss the ball up with 30% of my balls hitting the nets or bars.
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    Advice For A 50 Year Old Looking To Stay Fit.

    Liz, thanks for replying. It hasn't happened since. It think he's always been able to do it, I think other people in the family on my wifes side are able to do it too. Thankfully he doesn't do it that much and I reckon that this may have made him realise that by popping it out on purpose it may...