A-Z Of Actors And Actresses.

Laurence Olivier. Marathon Man.💎 edit: thought surnames first.

Qin Hao (Chinese heartthrob). Star from "legend of the demon cat", but I haven't seen it.

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I went Chinese because of the roadblock that always led to Quentin Tarantino.

How about we choose as we go along whether we use first names or surnames? 😃
That's an excellent way out of traps. I suppose the person posting the question has to specify whether first or last name. Ritchie, would that work?
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I suppose it's a U: Liv Ullmann.

Tiny Tim = Herbert Butros Khaury. Lebanese Maronite dad, Jewish mum. Grandfathers were a rabbi and a priest. That's sort of nice in today's climate.

Efram Zimbalist (junior). "The FBI: a Quinn-Martin production".
Staple of 1960s American TV. Efram senior was a conductor/composer.

sorry wrong alphabet. A.