Ashton Agar-the Future Of Austrailian Cricket


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Well we can only hope. He did not bowl particularly well though he did show potential. time will tell and good luck to him he seems a genuine person just having the time of his life.


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He's young and has a lot to learn. He's certainly got an uphill battle, learning his game at the international level (if he keeps getting chances). Good luck to him all the same.

Bluey Zarsoff

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Agar is very raw, but has enormous potential. What he needs most is to play plenty of cricket on a continuous basis. Hopefully he'll play the entire upcoming Shield season, get some good performances on the board and hone his skills.

Moral Decay

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I hope the boy goes really well, but he has problems.
A left arm orthodox, that doesn't have any variation and doesn't really rip the ball.
As a batsman, his technique means, he can't control the ball hitting on the leg side off the backfoot. he will get filled in on a regular basis.
I'm not saying he can't succeed, rather that he'll need a lot of work.