Bad Taste 70s Thread.

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The 70s was the decade that true fashion was forgotten. I went from puberty to adulthood during the 70s. Same as my Kiwi mate Mal I lived thru without doubt the worst decade for fashion, style and culture ever in our two nations history. Who remembers such fashion monstrosities as elevated shoes (yes for men), the foot wide flared dacks (called bell bottoms) in the most horrendous colors, the styleless pastel floral shirts. Almost every male adorned this tasteless ensemble with an equally garish scarf.. either worn inside the shirt or out.. or superwide ties printed with the most outlandish motifs (below).
Take a gander at this lot. I look back and wince.. as we males from that era actually had to wear clothes like this. Who remembers 70s fashions?
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also known as Mal
So true Richie, 70's fashion was absolutely awful - all the colours tended to clash too... I remember when the flare trousers were changed to trousers that were much narrower at the bottom, I didn't like it at the time because we were all use to wearing flared trousers... but when I look back don't know why the hell I or anyone else wore those dreadful bell-bottoms & other hideous clothes, including those shocking men's platform shoes.
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