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hahahaha, that's hilarious Richie... it's amazing at times how players can drop a very easy lolly catch... even if they had a clothes basket to catch it in they'd probably still drop the ball 😉


also known as Mal
Yeah, know what you mean Richie, if you don't take those easy catching chances you let the other team get closer to your score instead of winning convincingly... also by dropping those easy ones could make all the diff in losing a tight match.

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A young, inexperienced cricketer named Vivian Richards was batting in a county match in England between Somerset and Glamorgan. Greg Thomas, the Glamorgan fast bowler thundered in and beat the great man's bat. 'It's red and it's round. Can't you see it?', the bowler taunted Richards. The next ball was an action replay. The ball pitched three quarters of length on middle and off, seamed away, and once again Richards was all at sea and comprehensively beaten. 'It's red and it's round and it weighs four-and-a-half ounces. Can't you see it?', Greg Thomas quipped. Richards took a stroll, summoned his powers of concentration, swung his arms around, took a fresh guard and got ready for the next ball. Greg Thomas came running in. The delivery was right in the slot, and Viv launched into one of his trademark shots and smashed the ball out of the ground and straight into the river that flowed around it. The maestro told the hapless bowler who almost died watching the ball go, 'You know what it looks like... now go and get it!'


also known as Mal
Why is a bad fielder always feeling healthy and free of illness ?
They don’t catch anything.

What is a batsman’s least favourite bird ?

Why didn’t the cricket team believe their captain ?
He had a very silly point.