DVCA Off-Season 202021

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How would a women’s competition work in DV do you think?
Personally I wouldn’t care if it happened or didn’t happen, but I think it would be great for clubs to possibly connect with their football counterparts and speak to the girls playing football to continue playing cricket there as well.
I imagine ground availability Would be difficult to manage when football pre season time comes around.


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Womens team I agree, but in saying that DVCA does have a girls comp which is a better pathway to a womens comp once the girls progress through the junior age groups. But given the current success of the Aust Womens Team DVCA need to catch on quicker. Not sure I agree with the multicultural point. Community sport and clubs should be a reflection of the general community and be for all to participate. All DVCA have players from various backgrounds and having those players at any club help break down any barriers that may exist.
But yes the DVCA Executive is an irrelevant group of underperformers that can only organise two things: Grand Final lunch - where they get free drinks and Preso night where they also get free drinks.

Can't U just vote them out?


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Of course you're missing the most important point in getting a women's comp up and running; women have to actually want to play cricket. I highly doubt there are enough interested women within the DVCA area to make a stand alone comp viable. Those that are interested are probably already playing in the already established women's league. So you require a large selection of women all interested at the same time in playing to even consider getting things off the ground. That's near impossible with the men let alone the women.

Savage RN

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Cameron Clayton the new Lower Eltham Coach, if it's the same bloke that has recently played for Sydenham Hills Cricket club Lower will become his 8th club.