International Rules Football


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International Rules Football

It would be remiss of me not to point out that Ireland beat Australia today in the first test of this years International Rules series. At one stage we were 17 points ahead, but remarkably we ended up winning by a single point! 45-44! There's a report HERE on our national broadcasters website.

Is there any interest in the series among Aussie Rules fans?


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Re: International Rules Football

Spot on mas.

Nah Ed, people only watch it because there's no other footy on.

You'll lose the series though, I expect us to win by more than a point at the G.


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Re: International Rules Football

Really, not to sound like I'm griping, International Rules is Gaelic Football, but with tackling. And the tackling is a bit soft.

But Ireland played the best, only just though. Should be interesting to see what happens next match, I'm gonna tip Australia, because of our better fitness


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Re: International Rules Football

Our supreme fitness was evident in the first game.

The Irish skill kicking the round ball was also quite evident.

Im tipping Aust to win by around 10 points.
Re: International Rules Football

Foxsports 2 showed a replay of the first test late last night. Good to watch.
You could see that the Irish knew what they were doing. The aussies looked confused and didn't know what they were doing. Hence the reason why we lost. We looked nervous.


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Hey Friends,

Well Come to all of you. I just want to now if people in America and Europe even know the rules of Football. Is it played over there? Is it a big sport, or does no one even know what I'm talking about?

If any experience please share with me.

Thanks a lot again.

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