Money Shield 18/19

Savage RN

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Adelaide 18’ style meltdown beckons. That’s the danger of paying blokes big cash, the chances of them sticking year after year around rests on what other clubs are willing to spend on players.

Clive Rose

Heard a rumor on the weekend that OPs Wegner is going across to JIKA, can anyone confirm? Imports are never a guarantee to return either which could leave them light on. Have RECCC picked up players?

Warwick Todd

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Massive for lower plenty, will be interesting to see how they go about coming back from this, I can see them in the relegation battle this season
The players that are leaving weren't that good anyway.

Lower Plenty is still keeping their best player, and with money freed-up in their $58k payment pool, he will finally get paid what he's worth. I'm predicting big things for their star all-rounder in 2019/20.

Savage RN

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I wonder if Meekins and Maddox wil follow their main man to Epping as well. Could potentially lose 7 from their 11 from the Grand Final.

Mernda have a new coach, 2s player from Plenty Valley, James Taylor.

Any word on OPs coach?