Nmca 2018/19


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Raiding other NMCA clubs again. Pathetic
I presuming its ok for Mr bonnuci & for kookies to do the same last year. No difference to mr sharma. Both clubs being relegated. Mr flickr being v critical in this case. Oh pls sir dont be using the excuses that Mr James was a junior at kookies. What about mr cory?? He struggled to be making the impact he be promising. I also hearing Mr Daniel Bramich going to Nbr, can anyone confirm?
Trinners offering $$$$ to anyone that has a cricket bat. A big return of a veteran at Warriors. Mr Winther a welcome return for them boys. Mr Todd will be leaving as I say that previously, he going to ghe highest bidder. Maybe he going to NBR As well. Baseballs recruiting aggressively as well. Cherio for now.

pepper the pig

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From a Jika Shield perspective only, with Bundoora Park coming up to Jika and the expected improvement from PB & HW, the upcoming season should be as competitive as it has been in recent memory. Fair call?


For the record Olympic Colts will not be folding or merging anytime in the near future.

Mathew Best is leading the club fantastically off the field and with a few past players returning or in positions to increase their commitment we are expecting a massive turnaround for the upcoming season.

To the rest of the clubs that appear to folding or merging or even swallowing Colts. Good luck with your recruiting and the upcoming season.



Well said Barry, We don’t want anyone to fold or be swollen up by another club.
The comp needs strong vibrant clubs, Betsy could sometimes go off like a cracker but good on him for keeping the place going.


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I be hearing very strong news that holy trinity signing new coach.
Lalor are trying to recruit players so they can go around again but mr todd definitely moving on.