NMCA 21/22

Quick will be between Rigby or the NMCA golden boy sparrow.

Jika a bit more interesting, maybe one of the Rivergum boys (Bannister/Perri/Altis) or Dawson from Camrea a Smokey.
ex Camrea player won Quick Shield medal
ex Camrea player won Jika Shield medal
Camrea not welcome and not in attendance but still f...ing with their heads.
Should be a fascinating comp next year. More a roar than a whisper that Holy Trinity applied to the ECA, Old Ivanhoe applied to DVCA, like rats abandoning the sinking ship. Thumbs up to the present NMCA board. Well done. All you hear is garbage about Camrea either from rumours or the amazing radio show that just fire cheap shots. What a joke all round.
Yeah its quite funny, they are pretty good at laying the boots in when you can't defend yourself.
Also pretty good at talking shit to the sheep who just follow.
But when it comes to presenting a case to someone independent who has no skin in the game they are useless.

So now we await the NMCA AGM and the transparency that this board is well known for.

All clubs were told there will be minimal or no legal expenses due to the following:
Insurance will cover costs
Lawyers will be doing pro bono work

I am sure when all clubs voted to kick Camrea out they will be expecting that this was the case.
I am also sure that the transparent board have already advised all clubs if this wasn't the case.

The season is not over, it has just begun.

This could end up where it all started ......... watch this space.
Gonna herd everyone into the middle of oulton reserve and flog them with a cricket bat?
Still dopey, still boring, still repetitive. Geez egg, find a new playbook. Let us all know what your plans are on 22 April. Muppet seems to be a good description for you although muppets have a personality and have more cash than you.