Player Movements & Rumours 2016/17


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Oh yeh, our players are paid tens of thousands, you might as well call us River$ide at this rate. Massive retainers, bloated incentives scheme, bonuses for those that make teams of the year or special awards, the dollars are flowing. I mean it's not like we're friends at all, or you know hang out at the club on Saturday evenings or drop down to the pub with each other, none of that...oh no it's just the cash that keeps everyone at BU..../SARC....

Savage RN

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Clearly not what Greensborough needed. They will be better off in the long run without him.

Cricket coaches are a little overrated imo.
If they aren't playing, yes agree definitely overrated, but if they are in a paid position to captain/coach, they are important. If you get a good one, and they lead by example, they take everyone along for the ride and everyone from the 4ths - 1st XI can look up to them and how they go about it and hopefully improve themselves.

Alternatively, this kind of stuff happens and it can be a disaster. Thankfully for Boro it's happened now and not once the season has started. Tough times ahead for the once powerhouse that is GCC.