Senior Division 2012-13


South Caulfield have lost; Pope not returning, Dowling to Oakleigh subbies, Hewett to northern side near home and Clarke Bruce to Yarraville. In's to follow when i know paperwork has been signed..
Yarraville have reportable lost Tok to retirement (Congrats on. Great career), Ion to work, Cullen to OS, and Oosterhoff.
In's; Contessa and Clarke Bruce.
Surely would need / want an extra batsman as Yarraville pride themselves on chasing any run total..
All of a sudden the bowling looks formidable with; Bronca, ACB, Contessa, Boglis...

Any other movements...


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Any news around the traps in Senior Division?

Were Yarraville dissapointed in missing out on Phil Hughes, with the former Aus opener electing to accept a slightly inferior financial offer to play for South Australia. I'm assuming it's still, in Contessa, out Ion, Cullen and Oosterhof?

A quick summary from around the different boards - Keilor have obviously picked up Hutchison + Mato, hopefully they can be more competitive than their last year in Senior. Also coming up is Old Mentonians. McKinnon have their Sri Lankan from the Geelong comp. South Caulfield have a new coach (know much about him, Sledge?). Airport West have lost another player to Hoppers (Asif Jan) whilst Taylor is off to North A or B to fill his boots. Beauy have signed Chris Hall as coach, any news from Spotty, St Bernards or Greenvale ?
Super late reply have been too busy working which doesn't sit well with me!

Cullen is returning the week of the first round and is playing the season in some good form being the leading run
Scorer in the league he is playing in in England.
Just in his 1st year and did his knee in the 2nd, which probably cost South the flag last year as he went through Yarraville earlier in the year
"which probably cost South the flag last year as he went through Yarraville earlier in the year"... And if Bernie Quinlan didnt miss rounds 5-8 in 1989, Fitzroy probably would've won the flag coz he kicked 8 against Hawthorn in rnd 2.... silly comment.


Too Old Body Broke, is right bomber. Yarraville passed us 7 down, 2 seasons ago but were 9 down in the GF.
Keg's would ve made a huge diff though - but thats life...


Any other recruitment news out there? Looking forward to getting the fixtures so we can finalise the social calenders and organise the mini vans for the trips over the bridge.....
You started the shit, all i was doing was praising the kid, move on as you say. At least it was something to talk about. Now the fixtures, it would be good to at least see the 1sts of all divisions.
Haha, I started this crap.... please!!! You made a silly comment, but I started it??
Interesting to see Tocca at YC's pre season training. Talk of retirement is a bit premature I think. And Adam C looked as fit as I have seen him for a few seasons. He will be a handy inclusion, obviously.


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Thoughts on a premature top 4 this season? Yarraville, Beauy, Spotty and Hoppers again? Anyone going to make a bolt for it? Surely Keilor with Mato and Hutchinson will be pushing for the 4....
How do you think old mentonians will go? They play good boring 2 day cricket don't take many risks post decent totals and have a decent bowling attack. Will be interesting to see if that stands up in the higher grade
Will be interesting, the last 2 South sides to go up have made the Senior GF (Bentleigh & Beauy) so the expectation is on them. You generally need to recruit 2-3 quality players into your team if you are to compete in Senior. There's quite a few teams looking to be around the mark. I wouldn't expect the likes of South Caulfield and Airport West to drop off either, they'll be around the mark as they are both proud clubs.


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Will be a big effort by Hoppers to cover the loss of one bloke who took 58 wickets (including 7 5wi hauls), Jan a good player but not a 58 wickets a season player. Yarraville again to be very strong with 2 great additions. Beaumaris strong with the addition of Hall alongside Hewett.